Monday, 28 March 2011

Synonyms to the Term Dhamma


There are many synonyms in Pāli writings for the term dhamma. In understanding the contents of the canon, it is very important to know their usage and the context they are used.

1. Nibbāna:
 The Cundasutta of AN discusses how one can be free from low births (duggati) by taking refuge in the Triple Gem and observing precept. The taking refuge in the dhamma has been given as being pleasant in Nibbāna, being pleasant Nibbāna is the highest pleasant.

YAvatA Cunda dhammA saGkhatA vA asaGkhatA vA virAgo tesaM aggamakkhAyati, yadidaM madanimaddano virAgo nirodho nibbAnaM ye kho Cunda virAge dhamme pasannA agge te pasannA. Agge kho pana pasannAnaM aggo vipAko hoti.

=O Cunda! Whatever the dhammas conditioned or unconditioned of them freedom from lust which is the tranquilizer of pride, absence of lust, cessation and liberation that stays foremost. O Cunda! those who are pleasant in the dhamma of freedom of lust they are pleasant in the highest, there is highest result for those who are pleasant in the highest.”

Nibbāna is the summum bonum of the Buddhists. Buddhists have it as the highest aspiration, preaching dhamma means advising oneself to be free from suffering and to make him Nibbāna oriented. The established aspiration in Nibbāna (dhamma) is one factor of the stream entry.

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