Saturday, 30 April 2011

Buddhism in the modern Society, Buddhism today, Modern Buddhism, Social Buddhism

First of all, To talk about current Situation, we have have to see and talk about the problems that we are facing in case of Buddhism today. Today Buddhism have  brought a new life to people.

Buddhism in the Modern Society is changed from the Buddha'a time. In modern days we dont really have that pre teaching which was taught by the Buddha. As a result, Buddhism divided into many schools such as Theravada, Mahayana and Vrajayana. Again, there are many sub-schools divided from these three major Schools. But Buddha discovered one teaching and that is Buddhism but people or practiioners made it many ways and claims themself that this is what he taught.

Modern days, we see the westerns are getting interested in Buddhism and its good to see that.these days its hard to believe which is the pure teaching of the Buddha because the teaching of the Buddha has divided into many believes systems and school. Some countries mixed Buddhism into cultures and traditions. therefore, some one may find it very hard to get the core teaching of the Buddha and which school of Buddhism teaches and to follow.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Prince William and Kate married 29-April-2011

Today Prince William and Catherine, got married today on 29-April-2011  and Right now they are at Buckingham Palace. If you're interested to See the weeding ceremony please watch online right here:

From depth of my heart, I wish you both a happy and peaceful married life. May you two long long lives. Buddha Bless you two ^_^

Thursday, 28 April 2011

What is Karma in Buddhism ?

Karma is Sanskrit and Kamma is in Pali. Karma means is  Action. Buddhism belives that watever action that you do or make you will have to get te result of it.

The results might result you in this life or life after this. Buddhism believes Everything happens  due to Past or present karma. 

Friday, 22 April 2011

Bengali settler Burning about 100 house of CHT (Jumma People)

This is very sad to hear that in the Khagrachori district, the Bengali Muslims have burned houses, temples, and killed people. These Jumma people are Innocent people but the Muslims due to greed for the land often attacks the people of CHT.

please tell us what you think about this matter.

Bengali Attacked Jumma People 2011, Burning houses in Jumma People 2011

Bengali Muslims Attacked once again to the Jumma People burning the houses in Ramgarh and Manikchari.

Bengali Muslim people have burnt about 100 houses of Jumma people last week and many of the Chakma 

people were killed and some of the family members could not be found.

House of the Jumma people were taken, lands are taken, smiles are taken by these Bengali Muslims.

 Bengali people has destroyed the Buddhist temple and Buddha's Statues..they kept on this for years and yet

there is no reaction is taken over this problem. however, These Buddhist people keep on worshiping the

Buddha image that were remained after burning and they still have the faith and practice in Buddhism.

 This below picture shows the burning of the Jumma house and almost every year round they do like this non-stop.

IPL Online TV

Who will win the IPL cup 2011?
can you guess me ?

I am fan of Kulkata Knight Riders and Love the team. Unfortunately they have lost two matches.. :(

If you want to watch IPL online...check out. www.livecricket.bollym4u

have a nice day

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

what is Pali Prosody?History of Pali prosody, Historical Background of Pali Prosody

An interpreting from the common rules fundamental Pali metric composing isn't heavy to grow and will surely raise some reviewer admiration from the textbooks from early on Buddhism. A lot from the most significant and inhaling by this textbook is published either totally or principally opposite, and still fashionable the prose collectings poetry bursts.

Fashionable the Theravada Buddhism nations an analyse of Pali prosody accepts almost all of the time followed founded along the Medieval do work Vuttodaya, which depicts the definitive prosody clean easily, only comprises no more guide on in the least to the basic prosody, because in that respect is meters inwards the canyon i.e. not ascertained in this process the unmatchable reach; and then again the ones that is depicted normally give dissimilar parametres.

Law of Dhamma

Whenever Buddha taught the Dhamma, he never gave sermons as philosophical teaching, that is, He did not focus merely theoretical without practicing approach to the end of suffering. Learning the Dhamma merely for intellectual pursuit is not the purpose of the Buddha. There is saying that approaching to Buddhism is to end suffering. If the world is without suffering, there is no real essence of the Buddha. Since there is suffering in our world, the Buddha arises, the Dhamma shines forth.

Scientific research

Scientific research focusing on determination by laws of Nature indicates the idea that science needs the explanation on everything or phenomena that takes place in natural regularity. For example, if scientists need to study of air flow. Raising the question of how air flow is meant that they want to know in what state or condition, or what causes air flow. After research, answer comes out that air flow occurs only when there is a difference between pressures. “Air will flow from a region of high pressure to one of low pressure-- the bigger the difference, the faster the flow.” Trying to figure out the relationship of cause and effect of any phenomenon, therefore, is the important task of science.

4 Niyama Dhammasand 3 natural laws

The term “ 4 Niyāma 3” , 4 refers to four kinds of regular order, and 3 implies to natural laws which have 5 categories. They are as follows.
1. Utu Niyāma (physical inorganic order of or relating to matter and energy, derived into English as physical law) refers to a natural law describing phenomena in the nature which related to material or inanimate things such as the phenomena of thunder and rain. Even the arising and perishing of the earth is also included in the Physical laws.
2. Bīja Niyāma (physical organic order of or relating to living things or organism, derived into English as biological law) refers to a natural law describing phenomena both plants and animals.  It is the biological law that makes mango trees produce mango fruits, monkey gives birth as a monkey baby. This is so called the law of genetics. Darwin’s theory of evolution is also related to this order.
3. Citta Niyāma (order of mind, the nature of consciousness, derived into English as psychic law) refers to a natural law describing mind or mental phenomena. This law will explain about perceiving, and cognitive process on how mind function. Psychologists focus the study of a certain function of consciousness, which Abhidhamma Piaka elaborates in the full detail. Therefore, one who wants to know Psychology in Tipiaka has to study Abhidhamma Piaka.
4. Kamma Niyāma refers to order of act and result that governs all human life in general. That is, life will be good or bad, experience happiness or suffering, it depends on the karma or deeds in one’s own attention or volition of actions. Doer good beget good, doer bad beget evil. This is the karmic law.
5. Dhamma Niyāma is order of norm, or natural laws, corresponding to the conditionality of all things. Dhamma Niyāma, simply as universal law, covers all material and mental applications, constitutes the sum total of four other regular orders as the aforementioned.

Nature of Truth

The Buddha did not argue with anyone because he did not monopolize the truth. Whoever talks the truth, the Buddha will support the truth of that statement. Herein, the truth is Dhamma. The Buddha did not exclusively possess the Dhamma, anyone could access that Dhamma. Actually, Dhammas already exist in the nature, the Buddha merely found out and exposed them. Similarly to the law of gravity which already exist, Newton, a scientist, merely discovered it later.

Friday, 1 April 2011

How to lead a happy life

  1. Stay Positive
  2. look huge Image
  3. Prepare alms for the most that you love
  4. try to get some fresh wind
  5. socialize with people
  6. help others
  7. try to exercise
  8. meditate in your leisure times
  9. focus on yourself and try to tame your mind.
  10. do the same (do these steps daily)

How to help your self?, how to help oneself?

Buddhist Scholarships,Scholarships, Buddhist studies scholarships, Free Scholarship, Monk scholarship, Lay follower Scholarships

Dear Buddhist Friends,

Today, I would like Introduce a Scholarship for those who are intersted in Buddhist studies.

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