Saturday, 30 April 2011

Buddhism in the modern Society, Buddhism today, Modern Buddhism, Social Buddhism

First of all, To talk about current Situation, we have have to see and talk about the problems that we are facing in case of Buddhism today. Today Buddhism have  brought a new life to people.

Buddhism in the Modern Society is changed from the Buddha'a time. In modern days we dont really have that pre teaching which was taught by the Buddha. As a result, Buddhism divided into many schools such as Theravada, Mahayana and Vrajayana. Again, there are many sub-schools divided from these three major Schools. But Buddha discovered one teaching and that is Buddhism but people or practiioners made it many ways and claims themself that this is what he taught.

Modern days, we see the westerns are getting interested in Buddhism and its good to see that.these days its hard to believe which is the pure teaching of the Buddha because the teaching of the Buddha has divided into many believes systems and school. Some countries mixed Buddhism into cultures and traditions. therefore, some one may find it very hard to get the core teaching of the Buddha and which school of Buddhism teaches and to follow.

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