Monday, 27 June 2011

Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand

The wild death of the American of a tiger of the zoo did not dissuade tourist in order to joke with the danger in one "the temple of the tiger", in the Thailand.  Because these dramatic pictures show, can the Pacific "with nature" the moment under the person and the wild animals "binding", come is life.  Does a tiger that continue one of a career near the temple? wildly and like apparently like a dog of preferred animal - the howling and that to the quantity of spectators turned, is in order to go camping Britons. 

It has not the calls the and that to the tourists long is like the other urgently the movement of the group ordered have, hindered that.  It hunted on horror, thrown become is that stumbled are tourist before the methodical being perfectly always to be stopped by that, an advance at random the neck of the tiger.  The English photographer Richard Crampton that the entire event observed said yesterday evening to the Thailand:  "The tourists gather is in the temple the emotion in order to mix with the tigers, which worries of that however these visitors flirt also with death of my opinion after. 

"I that, after one observed the scene, that to obey around to beaches, tiger very around the directions and the curve to the tourists, whom there will be one here at the day.  Has exactly so small being "seemed in order to see tiger, that around the subject of the temple and in the end career around crazy, the tourists beg, have its pictures taken with them".


Pali Prosody Literature

The basic principles the metric reason composition is hard, to acquire and certainly, the recognition of no reader of the texts Buddhism to.

It takes apart the most important and TO these writing inspiring, becomes or written or in the poem and even in the poem of collections prose, have. Under that a table, that gives judgments of the number of the poem in some of the most important collections in Sutta, is see, that we that this single collection yet more than 20,000 poems (the number becomes on the publishing house of PTS fewer where shown and from time to time only is)
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