Thursday, 9 June 2011

Buddhism in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is is a country of Buddhisten, Theravada buddhism at that of that the religion on the island since its official in the century ac II of Mahinda the son of the Ashoka of emperor of India of the domination of the Devanampiya Tissa.  Sanghamitta of nun, that daughter of Asoka to have brought, that the branch the the original tree of Bodhi, was, where in Anuradhapura planted become is.  The Buddhisten in Sri Lanka paid this day until now and pay it the uppermost worship in this branch of the Arbol de Bodhi in the shadow that the professor reached century of lights.


That of Sri Lanka had an important roll to issue around so much Theravada like Mahayana of.  It was in Sri Lanka, in which first of century just the domination of the Vatta Gamini, that that of Buddhisten in Aloka Vihara met, and it have Tripitaka, three baskets of the school systems painted, known to have the writings of Pali for the first time gladly.  That was has nuns of the Sangha of nuns in China in 433.  In XVI of century, the Portuguese Sri Lanka conquered and made buddhism brutally pursued how that, that has lasts it. 

If the English earned the inspection at the beginning of the buddhism of the nineteenth century, was a situation in the descent really, that the English missionaries has, who began, then the island to.  But against all hopes places the partnership and the sister, has a re-emergence 1860 ahead, a movement this hand in the hand with the gone growing nationalism produced. 

Since then the buddhism is place it and that of emigrant and people sisters, being significantly, from Theravada buddhism to Asia to issue the west and even in Africa.  Somebody of the most wonderful in the world of Buddhisten, that it to Sri Lanka and to its sculpture Pallava and following of near with the first art of the valley of Krishna and in black skin becomes, on the basis which near relation unites, that existed between India the and Sri Lanka.  (Above:  That pictures seven of meters of the situation of the Buddha in a situation cross - rarely Vihara de Femme arms). 

The chronicles after Mahavamsa, has is one of the children of Ashoka, Mahinda of the building nearRuwanweliseya of the StupaAnuradhapura.  Simultaneously it sent India the traces.  This that say stories they have andhis cup of the compassion of the Buddha verbesser that.  Later a trace of the hairs and in that IV of century, that tooth of the Buddha in Sri Lanka taken.  The tooth always is stored in Kandy where that advised in order to come the trace of the tooth of the Buddha into the temple of the trace of tooth, XVI of century Kandy. 

In the harbor the traces that become is constructed stupas.  The situation, in 300 Ruwanweliseya, or "Grand Stupa" they are, has you as a Stupas, in Anuradhapura Sri Lanka of the north - distance office MORE IMPORTANT, observes:  In, much restores, exists the cupola with which old surround, therein always to be seen in Anuradhapura, the one parks.  The festivals is packed up with hundreds of thousand the families, that the Snackbar of afternoon under that and the offer battle in the tree of Bodhi.  There are other important fences in Mihintale, the place of the first sermon of Mahinda in Devanampiya Tissa the.  That of the following capital in Polonnaruwa becomes (the IX of century ahead), hindu showing and the influence of the worship of Mahayana, more always prepared. 

Stupa is in Sri Lanka a pile in order to circulate in a basis set itself with a long succeeding the umbrella, formed is that they form a tip on Harmika box - that, is the Stupa by Ruwanweliseya, (on the rights) in Anuradhapura (the century ac III) a fine example.
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