Saturday, 14 May 2011

How to meditate? What is Buddhist Meditation? How to practice Meditation

Hi Guys! Today i will explain here about my experienced of 10 days meditation retreat and hoe this will help some of you who are interested in Vipasaana Buddhist Meditation and would sow you step by step that you need to  get prepared for you Meditation practice.

How to Meditate? Well! there are many masters for teaching meditation in many methods and today i am going to talk about the method of Mahasi Sayadow System of Practice.when we  talk talk about Vipassna meditation, it could be the same teaching that you will get from other instructors and here are some steps how you should be getting ready right away.

1. Try to find a place, a calm and secluded place. some one may ask why is that necessary? Well~ its good for the good meditation practice and not to be disturbed by any other obstacles. therefore, find a secluded place,

2. Clean up your are and make a good sitting place and walking meditation place so that you will find it easy wile meditating to change your postures from sitting to walking and walking to sitting.

3. Starting from Sitting meditation, in case of Vipassana, you have to focus your  raising and falling. dont force to breathe in and out but you have to do only see how your breathe is raising and falling. sit steel, dont shake your body.while sitting you will ave pains, the mind might roaming about and many other obstacles to your mind being not concentrated to your raising and falling. then what you have to do is recall yourself..if you are feeling  pain repeat noting Paining...Paining...Pain and once you are repeat your pain will vanish away. for every emotions, t inking, feeling pain, just know your self and be aware of your noting. Then you get back to your observing Raising and Falling. practice about 1  hour and then change your posture to walking meditation.

4. In case of Walking Meditation there are 6 steps to follow. that will talk about later with more details but both Walking and Sitting meditations can progress if you can practice daily and your mind could be so purified.


What is Ghost..??

‎"Ghost" only come in if your heart got dark corners and only if you allow ; let light shine every corners of your heart ,than your mind and heart are all blessed.

Ghosts can be your illusion or it can really be spirits who exists in the world near us. It is one of the existence among 31 abodes. It is lower then human and animals.
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