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Where is Nirvana?

If you ask someone that Where is  Nirvana? well~ if you ask him/her about where does the Nirvana exist and you are doing a mistakes because when we talk about Nirvana. its very hard to explain even the meaning of the term Nirvana and its more to talk about where does the Nirvana exist. Nirvana or Nirvana is not something that could be spoken or talked about or could be given definition. It mentioned that Nirvana or Nirvana could be experienced only by Arahants or Buddhas because Nirvana is some kinds of states that could not be able to said by any ordinary person. Once a man asked one scholar " where does the Nirvana exits and how far is it?"  The prominent Buddhist Scholar replied that Nirvana could be climbed by the stairs or steps. that was a joke for the persons who did not answer the meaning of the term Nirvana.

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Gay Marriage

gay Marriage
Gay Marriage
Gay Marriage is one of the topics that we have to answer in Buddhism. Buddhism and gays, how these related and does Buddhism accept Gay in Marriage?

gay Marriage
gay marriage

Gay Marriage is one the interesting issue in today's world. Now the world is changed and we can see many gays are out there and many Gay Marriages are done.

gay Marriage
gay marriage

Buddhism is for any one, Buddhism is the practice which has freedom for the practitioners Buddhism does not care about about race, gays, gay marriage, lesbian, or bisexuals, or any other things. Buddhism accepts gays, Gays Marriages..

gay Marriage
gay marriage
 Lastly, the Law has accepted the gay marriage, and allowed as the way normal marriage is done.

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An Addition Into Buddhism and the Buddhist What is this all about?

An Addition Into Buddhism and the Buddhist What is this all about?

This addition to Buddhism is in the aboriginal abode an simple and baby adviser to the anticipation processes and account abaft the adoration alleged Buddhism. This addition to Buddhism is fabricated to advice you accept the basal concepts about the Buddhistic acceptance arrangement that will alpha you off in your new adventure of activity if you adjudge to airing this path. So this addition to Buddhism is set up not alone for men and women in the West but aswell for humans in commonly Buddhist countries who may accept become conflicting from their adoration for a array of social, cultural and added reasons.

Buddhism and what lies below the surface

Buddhism is just about annihilation you wish it to be. Throughout the accomplished 20 years it has alive ample absorption in the West. There are a lot of (so called) celebrities - e. g. Richard Gere to name just one of the added acclaimed - who are either Buddhist or are affectionate to the adoration of Buddhism. The Buddhistic adoration sees six basal emotions:


adapter to things (and people),



bamboozled doubt,

adulterated views.

Those are accepted to afflict our peace. Buddhism so far already has fabricated a aloft appulse on western culture. To a Buddhist his adoration is added than "just" a abstract adviser to active a life, it is a way - several thousand years old by the way - to become a bigger being. When we airing on appear some of the characteristics of Buddhism which crave or charge a some affectionate of acceptance rather than animal argumentation (e. g. assertive in reincarnation) you will see why some humans may be afraid to chase and "believe" aggregate the Buddha has said. But don't let this non-believing or this access of "Buddhism Light" angle in your way if you chase the path.

How to become a (better) Buddhist

The aisle covers the activity of Buddha and the Buddhist access to adversity and its causes as presented in the capital article of Buddhism which are:

The Four Noble Truths

The Eight Fold Aisle (we'll awning that in a second)

The Three Attempt of the Aisle and how to activate one's practice.

For example, acceptance attending for applications of Buddhist attempt in their own lives in arresting with problems, appointment a Buddhist temple, and apprentice to adept meditation. A lot of generally in the Western apple it is a book or a cine that introduces humans to Buddhism and Buddhist teachings. Although things such as its history, the altered kinds of buddhism and a Buddhist concordance aswell accept their importance, a lot of Buddhist communities are mainly absorbed in assuming humans what buddhist account can beggarly for their life. A lot of of the times it is to end the bearings we ache from or to seek answers to why humans accept to suffer. These are affidavit why humans may become Buddhists. Another affair we should agenda is that, afterwards attaining enlightenment, Buddha anon attempted to advise all others the aisle to broad-mindedness so that they, too, could put an end to their sufferings. This is aswell a basal abstraction of Buddhism: To yield affliction of others about you.

The accent of Meditation

You can apprentice about Buddhism from a accounting or audio source, a video or a DVD or the Internet, but you accept no acting for a acceptable teacher, community, or retreat for acquirements meditation. With a acceptable trainer in brainwork you accept something like a life-coach who will try to plan on acquainted active brought about through meditation. Some of the casework cover chanting and praying which are amount elements of Buddhistic meditation.

The Mind

Okay. Now we will appear to one of the a lot of important article in Buddhism and to accomplish the goals set up for you you charge to accept the appropriate mindset. What we are talking about actuality is the "famous" Eight Fold Path. It consists of eight accomplish (as the name indicates):

In short, the 8 accomplish are:

to access the appropriate view,

to accept the appropriate intention,

to allocution the appropriate speech,

to yield the appropriate action,

to access the appropriate existence,

to yield the appropriate effort,

to accomplish the appropriate amenity and assuredly (last but not least)

to accept the appropriate concentration.

When we abstraction these accomplish we are belief our own lives and what our minds are fabricated of. Bigger than putting our focus on acceptable some absolute to others, the adoration of Buddhism emphasizes on a little bit added "close to reside things", for archetype how to advance our lives, how enhance one selves apperception and how to become added peaceful and advantageous in our circadian lives. This is the mindset that is important for every Buddhist and is actually all-important for afterward the Buddhist aisle declared above.

Buddhist Angle of Gays, Lesbians

Buddhist Angle of Gays, Lesbians

While the Western Apple is acclimatized to advancing at a bearings with a account of rules beneath their arm, the Buddhist appearance could be apparent as abutting a bearings from the added side. Intrinsically, Buddhist angle would avert the account of activities that are either acceptable or bad. Rather, the catechism remains, does the action angle in the way of the broad-mindedness of the being who is assuming the activity.

Sex in general, if acclimated for ailing purposes, will be harmful. This is in the aforementioned address that anything, in the amiss hands, can be harmful. Apparently ultimately, aloft abounding enlightenment, the alone may accept no absorption in sex. Conversely, aloft enlightenment, the being will acquaintance annihilation but one huge orgasm. Who knows?

The acceptable account is that the affiliation into the Oneness that occurs with enlightenment, is the ultimate bliss. What this means, one doesn't know.

But millions of humans who accept called the aisle of the Buddha, accept glimpsed caliginosity of the possibility, accept begin abundant accord to abide the journey. The appearance of the Buddhist of homosexuality apparently is beneath about appropriate or wrong, than the use of the practice. This would be the aforementioned as the appearance of any action of sexuality; or business pursuit; or alternation with a colleague; or use of the environment.


Most people, unless a Bodhisattva, are in this concrete apple to apprentice the acquaint to acquiesce for enlightenment. The actual act of arising an edict apropos anyone elses accomplishments may bare one's own misunderstanding.

If one is acquisitive for the broad-mindedness that may action the abiding orgasm, one would anticipate continued and harder afore anticipation the claimed accomplishments of another. And as one is up in accoutrements over the gay or lesbian animal behavior of another, we may be overlooking the arduous heterosexual rapist.


It is a complicated concrete actuality we are affected in.

What is The Buddhist Appearance of Cosmology?

What is The Buddhist Appearance of Cosmology?

There is no individual sutra that describes the absolute anatomy of the universe. However, there are several sutras in Buddhism that call added worlds and states of beings that absorb them. There are added sutras that call the agent and abolition of the universe.

Buddhist account of creation presented cannot be taken as a accurate description of the appearance of the creation rather the creation apparent thru "divine eye" of the Buddha who perceived all the added worlds and beings getting built-in and dying aural those worlds area Buddha knows what accompaniment they accept been built-in and reborn into. In Buddhism cosmology is explained in symbolical sense.

Buddhist appearance of cosmology can be disconnected into two accompanying cosmology attempt based on spatial cosmology and banausic cosmology.

Spatial cosmology which describes assorted arrange of worlds aural the creation which is constant with drakes assumption of award added earthbound planets in the universe.

The banausic cosmology describes how worlds appear into actuality and canyon away.

In Buddhism, Abhasvara worlds awning 1,000 abstracted world-systems. Above Abhasvara apple is Subhakrtsna worlds with 1 actor world-systems and Suddhavasa and Brhatphala apple awning 1 abundance world-systems. This appearance is constant with accepted observations of arresting creation with abundance galaxies with anniversary archetypal galaxy absolute over hundreds of billion stars with anniversary brilliant accepting the achievability of accepting at atomic one added solar planets.

The basal admeasurement of time in the creation in Buddhism is mahakalpa which is accepted to be in billions of years or longer. A mahakalpa is disconnected into four kalpas (mini periods) accepted as: Vivartakalpa is the area the creation comes into existence, Vivartasthayikalpa area the creation is stays in an abiding state, Samvarakalpa area the creation destructs, and aeon area creation is a abandoned abiding accompaniment accepted as Samvartasthayikalpa.

Buddhist appearance of the creation is constant with accepted accurate observations of the creation built-in out of big blast empiric in catholic accomplishments radiation and end in big crisis followed by a aeon of abandoned state. After the big crunch, Buddhism suggests a absolute assiduity of aeon built-in and abolition of the creation with time extending to infinity.

The Buddhist Appearance on Mind

The Buddhist Appearance on Mind

To acquire the abode of apperception from the Buddhist point of view, we acquire to aboriginal of all attending at the Buddha's angle on the creation (universe). According to him, the apperception is to be accepted in a all-inclusive catholic space.

Biologically bodies are weaker. Added animals are built-in armed for their survival. But animal on the added hand, has apperception for everything, but not as a weapon. In actuality adoration is brought out as a basic of compassionate apperception for the actuality of animal kind.

Buddha accomplished that apperception is not a affair or an article with a abstracted actuality but that, which arises on conditions.

"Dhuran gaman eaka charan - Asareeran guhaasayan

Ye chiththan sanna messanthi - Mokkhanthi maara bandhana"

This acclaimed gatha describes the attributes of mind. It says that apperception campaign alone, biking continued journeys. It doesn't acquire a body. Lives in a cave; It's our body, Apperception gets chargeless and alone from "Mara Bandhana" if it absolved from "Mokkha" (foolishness). As Lord Buddha pas preached, apperception is colourless, immaterial, and invisible. In added words, apperception in Buddhism is an anytime changing, constant, quick-moving process. Buddhist appearance on apperception refuses the acquisitive aspect of mind. In Buddhism, the apperception is advised as an anytime alteration action of cerebration and meditating. It's said that apperception is a lot of of the time out of our control. We should not let our apperception to ascendancy us instead individuals acquire to ascendancy their minds.

The accomplished action of cerebration is mind, which is the brainy process. Thus its cachet is supreme. Cerebration and alertness are apparatus of that complete brainy process. Apperception as abutting apple processes is a Buddhist development. Apperception is conceived not as a actuality but as a process.

The Buddha insisted that the apperception is the a lot of cogent aspect of the individual. The "patichcha samuppaada" implies that for the alone the twelve links are of a brainy character.

Mental and concrete factors are conditioning factors and they are about commutual and there is annihilation complete and independent. There is no aboriginal cause. So apperception is not the aboriginal cause. It runs through bearing as an commutual commutual and about factor. The apperception actually refers to sensation, acumen and cerebration or accord in patichcha samuppaada.

Buddhism maintains that all stimuli of senses accomplish the alone move in two admonition of allure and repulsion. One has to attain a position of neutrally through cocky acquired culture. Both these processes of brainy active (anarodha and virodha) underlie the alpha of the action action (bhava). In the absence of such action of the mind, the alone assets no drive for the about-face of bhava. All brainy and airy endeavors of Buddhism aim at bringing about this neutrality.

Mind is area all our affections and desires are stored. So by attaining "Nibbana", a getting can get rid of all these. Nibbana is the ultimate aim of a Buddhist. It is the ultimate accompaniment of perceptional of an alone who has actually got rid of craving. Actuality too, the key agency is the mind. Man can put a stop to activation by alienated what is evil, by accomplishing what is acceptable and by antibacterial his perceptional by meditation.

Sensation is accomplished by the mind. These are sometimes pleasant, sometimes aching and sometimes neutral. Acumen agency acceptance of names of beings, things, places sound, autograph etc. Cerebration agency actuality accord which are neither acceptable nor angry or thoughts based on the accomplished and apperception of the future, creating acceptable or bad kamma. Alertness agency faculty acquaintance of sound, smell, tastes, forms, animosity and brainy altar at the moment.

These four apparatus of the Nama dharma are the creations of the mind. If an alone is not active and accurate he becomes the complete factors of the apperception and obscures the truth. Then canard will abound and could could could cause the perceptional to defile.

According to Buddhism, a able perceptional gives airy liberation peace, aegis and happiness. The perceptional develops acumen which discriminates appropriate and wrong, acceptable and evil, selflessness and arrogance by getting acquainted of appropriate compassionate and appropriate amenity at all times. By cultivating the mind, one can annihilate the aeon of activation and attain nibbaana the complete actually selflessness. This article can alone be accomplished by adhering to the Noble Eightfold Path, which embodies morality, perceptional ability and acumen (sila, Samadhi, panna). All three aspects can be accomplished alone through a able mind. A able apperception leads to progress, beatitude and nibbana, while an atrocious apperception leads to degeneration, abolition and constancy of sansara and suffering.

The development of apperception is two-fold.

Development of brainy absorption (tranquility or "Samatha bhavana")

Development of acumen or bright acumen ("Vipassana bhavana")

The ultimate cold is to ability the determined ataraxia and abstention of mind, which is the foundation of acumen arch to absolution from the aeon of activation and misery.

With attention to Buddha's attitude appear psychology, it is fair to achieve that "Abhidamma" is psychology, as he places a abundant accord of accent on the accent of the role of the mind. We charge to admit the actuality that perceptional is the advertiser of all brainy states. Kamma which is the axis on which Buddha Dhamma revolves is generated by speech, physique and mind. It is as well a brainy agency (cheithasika). The accent of the perceptional in Buddhism in the 5 aggregates (panchakkandha), area four of the 5 are brainy components. Of the thirty seven factors of broad-mindedness the majority of factors listed are mental. In the eightfold aisle which is the aspect of Buddhism all the appropriate factors are "cheithasika" (mental factors). They are admirable brainy factors. Thus the complete role of perceptional is stressed. Buddhism based its aesthetics on suffering, its assay and cure and treatment. It can be interpreted as psychiatry a annex of psychology. An important role is accustomed to accent in cerebration in Buddhism, which is now collaborated by assay in psychology. If these facts are evaluated one acquire to actually acquire the important role played by the apperception in Buddhism. A new acquaintance of abutting apple brainy processes is aswell a Buddhist development. Buddhism's captivation with assay of apperception resulted in a arresting adumbration of the brainy processes.

Thus Buddha Dhamma is teaching of the mind, the operations or processes of the mind, and the absolution of the mind, it is accomplished that it is the basis of all behaviours. It had an article to serve, the angle of the alone as alone as an brief complex, with no capital reality. In the Nikayas, the angle and the alone is predominantly one of apperception in its assorted apparatus free levels of behaviour. In the "Sutras", the alone is presented as above animal autonomous control. These prove the ability of mind, as explained in Buddhism in assorted contexts.

Religions acquire their starting point. Buddhism begins with the Buddha's seek of mind. Buddha's article is a teaching abiding in psychology. His theories are actually different in the history of religions. Over the decades psychologists acquire advised the advance of brainy activities of sensations, perception, speech, thought, alertness and mind. These studies acquire forcibly fabricated us acquainted how abutting these are to Buddha's teaching, and yet how far they are. But the similarities are added striking.

The Pigeon and the Crow-The Crisis of Greed

The Pigeon and the Crow-The Crisis of Greed

Once aloft a time, the humans of Benares were addicted of ambience up bird houses. This was an act of generosity and kindness, done for the abundance of birds. It aswell fabricated the humans blessed to apprehend the affable birds singing.
Pigeon and  Crow

The richest man in the city-limits had a cook. He kept such a bird abode abreast the kitchen. In it lived a affable and accurate pigeon. He was so affable that he did not affliction to eat meat. And he was accurate to accumulate his ambit from the cook. For he knew the baker was in the addiction of baking and baking asleep animals, even including birds!

So the pigeon consistently larboard the bird abode aboriginal in the morning. After spending the day award and bistro his food, he alternate anniversary night to beddy-bye in the bird house. He was absolutely contented with his calm and controllable life.

Nearby there was a babble who was absolutely a altered array of character. For one thing, he would eat anything! And he was not accepted for accepting affable and careful. Instead, he generally became ever excited, and acted after because the danger. And far from accepting contented, he generally got himself into trouble.

One day the babble smelled the adorable aliment accepting adapted in the affluent man's kitchen. He was so admiring by the odour that he could not yield his apperception off it. He absitively that he accept to accept the affluent man's meat at any cost. So he began spying on the kitchen, aggravating to amount out a way to get some of the meat and fish.

As usual, that atramentous the pigeon alternate with his little abdomen satisfied, and acquiescently entered his little home for the night. Seeing this, the athirst babble thought, "Ah, wonderful! I can accomplish use of this addled pigeon to grab a adorable barbecue from the kitchen."

The next morning, the babble followed the pigeon if he larboard for the day. The pigeon asked him, "Oh my friend, why are you afterward me?" The babble replied, "Sir, I like you actual much, and I adore your calm and approved way of life. From now on, I would like to abetment you and apprentice from you."

The pigeon said, "Friend crow, your activity appearance is abundant added agitative than mine. You would get apathetic afterward me around. And you don't even eat the aforementioned aliment I do. So how can you abetment me?"

The babble said, "When you go anniversary day to acquisition your food, we will abstracted and I will acquisition my food. In the evening, we will appear aback together. Accepting together, we will be able to advice and assure anniversary other." The pigeon said. "That sounds all appropriate to me. Now go your own way and plan harder award food."

The pigeon spent his accepted day bistro grass seeds. It took some time patiently analytic for a few little grass seeds, but he was annoyed and contented.

The babble spent the day axis over cow dung patties, so he could bolt up the worms and insects he begin there. This was adequately simple work, but he kept cerebration it would be even easier to abduct from the affluent man's kitchen. And no agnosticism the aliment would be bigger too!

When he was full, he went to the pigeon and said, "Sir pigeon, you absorb too abundant time analytic for and bistro food. It is no acceptable crumbling the accomplished day that way. Let us go home." But the pigeon kept on steadily bistro grass seeds, one by one. He was absolutely blessed that way.

At the end of the day, the abrupt babble followed the pigeon aback to his bird house. They slept in it calm peacefully. They spent several canicule and nights in this way.

Then one day there was a supply of abounding kinds of beginning meat and fish. The baker abashed them on hooks in the kitchen for storage.

The babble saw this and was afflicted by the afterimage of so abundant food. His admiration became greed, and he began acute a way to get it all for himself. He absitively to pretend to be sick. So he spent the absolute night groaning and moaning.

The next morning, the pigeon was accessible to go attending for aliment as usual. The babble said, "Go after me, sir pigeon, I accept been ailing to my abdomen all night long."

The pigeon replied, "My baby crow, that sounds so strange. I've never heard of a babble accepting an agitated stomach. But I accept heard they sometimes aside from hunger. I doubtable you wish to bolt up as abundant as you can of the meat and angle in the kitchen. But it's for people, not crows. Humans don't eat pigeon food. Pigeons don't eat babble food. And it would not be astute for you to eat humans food. It ability even be dangerous! So appear with me as usual, and be annoyed with babble food, sir crow!"

The babble said, "I'm too sick, acquaintance pigeon, I'm too sick. Go advanced after me."

"Very well," said the pigeon, "but your accomplishments will allege louder than your words. I acquaint you, don't accident assurance for the account of greed. Be accommodating until I return." Then the pigeon larboard for the day.

But the babble paid no attention. He anticipation alone about avaricious a big section of fish, and was animated to be rid of the pigeon. "Let him eat grass seeds!" he thought.

Meanwhile, the baker able the meat and angle in a big bouillon pot. While it was cooking, he kept the lid hardly off, to acquiesce the beef to escape. The babble smelled the adorable aroma in the ascent steam. Watching from the bird house, he saw the baker go alfresco to blow from the heat.

The babble saw that this was the adventitious he'd been cat-and-mouse for. So he flew into the kitchen and sat on the bend of the bouillon pot. First he looked for the better section of angle he could find. Then he ashore his arch central and accomplished for it. But in so doing, he agape the lid off! The blast complete brought the baker into the kitchen at once.

He saw the babble continuing on the bend of the pot with a angle bigger than he was, blind from his beak! Immediately, he bankrupt the aperture and window of the kitchen. He thought, "This aliment is for the affluent man. I plan for him, not for some decrepit crow! I will advise him a assignment he'll never forget!"

The poor babble could not accept best a worse enemy. This baker just happened to be rather ignorant, so he did not apperception accepting atrocious if he had the high hand. He took no benevolence at all on the able crow.

He affective him, and plucked out all his feathers. The poor babble looked antic after his animated atramentous feathers. Then the antagonistic baker fabricated a ambrosial adhesive from ginger, alkali and chilli peppers. He rubbed it all over the crow's blush abscessed skin. Then he put him on the attic of the bird house, and laughed.

The babble sweated and suffered from the abhorrent afire pain. He cried in affliction all day long.

In the evening, the pigeon alternate from a quiet day analytic for and bistro grass seeds. He was abashed to see the abhorrent accompaniment of his acquaintance the crow. He said, "Obviously, you didn't accept to me at all. Your acquisitiveness has done you in. I'm so sad there's annihilation I can do to save you. And I'm abashed to break in this bird abode so abutting to that atrocious cook. I accept to leave at once!"

So the accurate pigeon flew abroad in seek of a safer bird house. And the plucked and pasted babble died a aching death.

Bamboo's Father-Wasted Advice

Bamboo's Father-Wasted Advice

Once aloft a time, there was a abecedary who advised abundant and developed his mind. Gradually his acclaim spread. Those who admired to be guided by a astute man came to apprehend him. Considering what he said to be astute indeed, 500 absitively to become his followers.

One of these 500, who advised his article to be wise, was a assertive pet lover. In fact, he admired pets so abundant that there was no beastly he did not ambition to accumulate as a pet.

One day he came aloft a beautiful little poisonous snake, who was analytic for food. He absitively he would accomplish an accomplished pet. So he fabricated a little bamboo cage to accumulate him in if he had to leave him alone. The added followers alleged the little snake, 'Bamboo'. Because he was so addicted of his pet, they alleged the pet lover, 'Bamboo's Father'.

Before long, the abecedary heard that one of his followers was befitting a poisonous snake as a pet. He alleged him to him and asked if this was true. Bamboo's Father said, "Yes master, I adulation him like my own child!"

The astute abecedary said, "It is not safe to reside with a poisonous snake. Therefore, I admonish you to let him go, for your own good."

But Bamboo's Father anticipation he knew better. He replied, "This little one is my son. He wouldn't chaw me. I can't accord him up and reside all alone!" .

The abecedary warned him, "Then surely, this little one will be the afterlife of you!" But the addict did not heed his master's warning.

Later on, all 500 of the teacher's followers went on a cruise to aggregate beginning fruits. Bamboo's Father larboard his 'son' bound up in the bamboo cage.

Since there were abounding fruits to collect, it was several canicule afore they returned. Bamboo's Father accomplished that poor Bamboo had not eaten the accomplished time he was away. So he opened the cage to let him out to acquisition food.

But if he accomplished inside, his 'son' bit his hand. Having been alone for all that time, Bamboo was affronted as able-bodied as hungry. Since he was alone a snake, he didn't apperceive annihilation about poison!

But his 'father' should accept accepted better. After all, he had been warned by the actual abecedary he himself advised wise.

Within account of getting bitten, Bamboo's Father alone dead!

Two Stupid Children

Two Stupid Children

Once aloft a time, there was an old carpenter with a agleam baldheaded head. On brilliant days, his arch shined so blithely that humans black their eyes if talking to him!

On just such a brilliant day, a athirst mosquito was admiring to the old carpenter's ablaze baldheaded head. He landed on it and started bitter into it.

The carpenter was active cutting a section of copse with a plane. If he acquainted the mosquito bitter him, he approved to hunt him away. But the athirst mosquito would not leave such a acceptable searching meal. So the man alleged over his son and asked him to get rid of the adamant pest.

Unlike his father's agleam head, the son was not so bright. But he was harder alive and obedient. He said, 'Don't anguish Dad, be patient. I'll annihilate that bug with just one blow!"

Then he best up a actual aciculate ax, and took accurate aim at the mosquito. Without thinking, he came down with the ax and breach the mosquito in two! Unfortunately, afterwards slicing through the mosquito, the ax aswell breach the old carpenter's agleam baldheaded arch in two.

Meanwhile, an adviser to the baron happened to be casual by with his followers. They saw what had just happened, and were absolutely abashed that anyone could be so stupid!

The king's adviser said, "Don't be so afraid by animal stupidity! This reminds me of a agnate accident that occurred just yesterday.

"In a apple not far from here, a woman was charwoman rice. She was anguish it in a adhesive with a pestle, to abstracted the husks. As she formed up a sweat, a army of flies began active about her head. She approved to hunt them away, but, the agog flies would not leave.

"Then she alleged over her babe and asked her to shoo abroad the aggravating bugs. Although she was a rather absurd girl, the babe consistently approved her best to amuse her mother.

"So she stood up from her own mortar, aloft her pestle, and took accurate aim at the better and boldest of the flies. Without thinking, she formed the fly to death! But of course, the aforementioned draft that dead the fly, aswell concluded her mother's life.

"You all apperceive what they say," said the adviser, finishing his story, "'With accompany like these, who needs enemies!"'

Salty Liquor-Foolishness

Salty Liquor-Foolishness

Once aloft a time, there was a alehouse buyer in Benares. He had a harder alive bartender, who was consistently aggravating to be accessible by inventing new means of accomplishing things.

One hot day, the alehouse buyer capital to bath in a adjacent river. So he larboard the bartender in allegation while he was gone.

The bartender had consistently wondered why a lot of of the barter ate a little alkali afterwards bubbler their liquor. Not adulatory to appearance his ignorance, he never agitated to ask them why they did this. He did not apperceive that they ate the alkali in adjustment to hunt abroad the aftereffect of the liquor. He anticipation it bare alkali to aftertaste good.

He wondered why taverns did not add alkali to their liquor. He absitively that if he did so, the business would accomplish abundant college profits, and the alehouse buyer would be actual pleased. So he added alkali to all the liquor!

To his surprise, if the barter came to the alehouse and drank the acrid liquor, they anon discharge it out and went to a altered bar.

When the buyer alternate from his dip in the river, he begin his alehouse after customers, and all his liquor ruined.

So he went and told this adventure to his friend, an adviser to the king. The adviser said, "The ignorant, adulatory alone to do good, generally cannot advice accomplishing harm."

The Groom Who Absent His Helpmate to the Stars

The Groom Who Absent His Helpmate to the Stars

Once aloft a time, there was a affluent ancestors active in Benares, in arctic India. They abiding for their son to ally a acceptable and honest babe from a adjacent village. Being actual appealing as well, they were abiding they could not acquisition a bigger wife for their son.

The groom's ancestors absitively on a date for the wedding. The bride's ancestors agreed to accommodated them in the apple on the alliance day.

Meanwhile, the affluent ancestors aswell had their own appropriate abstruse priest. When he begin out they had best the alliance day, after paying him to argue the stars, he became angry. He absitively to get even with them.

When the alliance day arrived, the abstruse priest dressed up in his finest robes, and alleged the ancestors together. He angled to them all, and again looked at his brilliant archive actual seriously. He told them that this brilliant was too abutting to the horizon, and that planet was in the average of an afflicted constellation, and the moon was in a actual alarming appearance for accepting a wedding. He told them that, not gluttonous his advice, they had best the affliction day of the year for a wedding. This could alone advance to a abhorrent marriage.

The abashed ancestors forgot all about the admirable qualities of the advised bride, and remained home in Benares.

Meanwhile the bride's ancestors had abiding aggregate for the apple alliance ceremony. When the agreed aloft hour arrived, they waited and waited for the approaching bedmate and his family. Finally they accomplished they were not coming. So they thought, "Those city-limits humans best the date and time, and now they didn't appearance up. This is insulting! Why should we delay any longer? Let our babe ally an honourable and harder alive apple man." So they bound abiding a new alliance and acclaimed the wedding.

The next day, the abstruse priest said that, suddenly, the stars and planets and moon were in absolute positions for a wedding! So the Benares ancestors went to the apple and asked for the alliance to yield place. But the apple humans said, "You best the date and time. Again you ashamed us by not assuming up!"

The city-limits humans replied, "Our ancestors priest told us that bygone the stars and planets and moon were in abhorrent positions. It was a actual afflicted day for a wedding. But he has assured us that today is a a lot of advantageous day. So amuse forward us the helpmate at once!"

The apple ancestors said, "You accept no honour. You accept fabricated the best of the day added important than the best of the bride. It's too backward now! Our babe has affiliated another." Again the two families began to affray heatedly.

A astute man happened to appear along. Seeing the two families quarrelling so,. he approved to achieve the dispute.

The city-limits humans told him that they had admired the warnings of their abstruse priest. It was because of the afflicted positions of the stars and planets and moon, that they had not appear to the wedding.

The astute man said, "The acceptable affluence was in the bride, not in the stars. You fools accept followed the stars and absent the bride. After your foolishness, those far off stars can do nothing!"

The Prince Who Had a Plan

The Prince Who Had a Plan

Once aloft a time, Baron Brahmadatta was cardinal in Benares, in arctic India. The Enlightenment Getting was built-in as his son the prince. Getting absolutely intelligent, he completed his absolute apprenticeship by the age of 16. So, at this aboriginal age, his ancestor fabricated him additional in command.

In those days, a lot of humans in Benares admirable gods. They were actual superstitious. They anticipation gods acquired things to appear to them, rather than getting after-effects of their own actions. So they would adjure to these gods and ask appropriate favours. They would ask for a advantageous marriage, or the bearing of a adolescent or abundance or fame.

They would affiance the gods that, if their prayers were answered, they would pay them by authoritative offerings to them. In accession to flowers and perfumes, they absurd the gods adapted the cede of animals. So, if they anticipation the gods had helped them, they dead abounding animals - goats, lambs, chickens, pigs and others.

The prince saw all this and thought, "These abandoned animals are aswell capacity of the king, so I accept to assure them. The humans accomplish these afflicted acts due to benightedness and superstition. This cannot be accurate religion. For accurate adoration offers activity as it absolutely is, not killing. Accurate adoration offers accord of mind, not cruelty.

"I abhorrence these humans accept in their superstitions too acerb to accord them up. This is actual sad. But conceivably their behavior can at atomic be put to acceptable use. Some day I will become king. So I accept to activate to accomplish a plan to let their superstitions advice them. If they accept to action sacrifices, let them annihilate their own acquisitiveness and hatred, instead of these abandoned animals! Then the accomplished commonwealth will benefit."

So the prince devised a able connected appellation plan. Every so often, he rode in his admirable agent to a accepted banyan timberline just alfresco the city. This was a huge tree, area the humans prayed and fabricated offerings to a god they anticipation lived there. The prince came down from his agent and fabricated the aforementioned offerings as the others - incense, flowers, perfumes and baptize - but not beastly sacrifices.

In this way he fabricated a abundant show, and the account advance about his offerings. Pretty soon, all the humans anticipation he was a accurate accepter in the abundant god of the banyan tree.

In due time, Baron Brahmadatta died and his son became king. He disqualified as a angelic king, and the humans benefited. So all his capacity came to assurance and account him as a just and honourable king.

Then one day, he absitively it was the appropriate time to backpack out the blow of his plan. So he alleged all the arch citizens of Benares to the aristocratic accumulation hall. He asked them, "Worthy ministers and loyal subjects, do you apperceive how I was able to accomplish abiding that I would become king?" No one could answer.

He said, "Do you bethink that I generally gave admirable candied offerings to the abundant god of the banyan tree?" "Yes, our lord," they said.

The baron continued, "At anniversary of those times, I fabricated a affiance to the able god of the tree. I prayed, 'Oh boss one, if you accomplish me Baron of Benares, I will action a appropriate cede to you, far greater than flowers and perfumes.'

"Since I am now the king, you all can see for yourselves that the god has answered my prayers. So now I accept to accumulate my affiance and action the appropriate sacrifice."

All those in the accumulation anteroom agreed. They said, "We accept to adapt this cede at once. What animals do you ambition to kill?"

The baron said, "My baby subjects, I am animated you are so accommodating to cooperate. I promised the abundant god of the banyan timberline that I would cede anyone who fails to convenance the Five Training Steps. That is, anyone who destroys life, takes what is not given, does amiss in animal ways, speaks falsely, or loses his apperception from alcohol. I promised that, if any do these things, I will action their guts, and their beef and claret on the abundant god's altar!"

Being so superstitious, all those in the anteroom agreed that this accept to be done, or the god would absolutely abuse the baron and the kingdom.

The baron thought, "Ah, such is the ability of superstition that these humans accept absent all accepted sense! They cannot see that, back the aboriginal training footfall is to accord up killing, if I sacrificed one of my subjects, I would be next on the altar! And such is the ability of superstition that I could accomplish such a promise, and never accept to backpack it out!"

So, with abounding aplomb in the ability of superstition, the baron said to the arch citizens, "Go into all the commonwealth and advertise the affiance I fabricated to the god. Then affirm that the aboriginal one-thousand who breach any of the training accomplish will accept the honour of getting sacrificed, to accumulate the king's promise."

Lo and behold, the humans of Benares became acclaimed for anxiously practising the Five Training Steps. And the acceptable king, who knew his capacity so well, sacrificed no one.

The Curse of Mittavinda-Jealous, Greed and Pleasure

The Curse of Mittavinda

Once aloft a time, there was a abbot who lived in a tiny abbey in a little village. He was actual advantageous that the apple affluent man accurate him in the monastery. He never had to anguish about the cares of the world. His alms aliment was consistently provided automatically by the affluent man.

So the abbot was calm and peaceful in his mind. There was no abhorrence of accident his abundance and his circadian food. There was no admiration for greater comforts and pleasures of the world. Instead, he was chargeless to convenance the actual conduct of a monk, consistently aggravating to annihilate his faults and do alone wholesome deeds. But he didn't apperceive just how advantageous he was!

One day an ancient abbot accustomed in the little village. He had followed the aisle of Truth until he had become absolute and faultless.

When the apple affluent man saw this alien monk, he was actual admiring by his affable address and his calm attitude. So he arrive him into his home. He gave him aliment to eat, and he anticipation himself actual advantageous to apprehend a abbreviate teaching from him. He afresh arrive him to yield apartment at the apple monastery. He said, "I will appointment you there this evening, to accomplish abiding all is well."

When the absolute abbot accustomed at the monastery, he met the apple monk. They greeted anniversary added pleasantly. Afresh the apple abbot asked, "Have you had your cafeteria today?" The added replied, "Yes, I was accustomed cafeteria by the adherent of this monastery. He aswell arrive me to yield apartment here."

The apple abbot took him to a allowance and larboard him there. The absolute abbot anesthetized his time in meditation.

Later that evening, the apple affluent man came. He brought bake-apple drinks, flowers and lamp oil, in account of the visiting angelic man. He asked the apple monk, "Where is our guest?" He told him what allowance he had accustomed him.

The man went to the room, angled respectfully, and greeted the absolute monk. Afresh he accustomed audition the way of Truth as accomplished by the attenuate faultless one.

Afterwards, as black approached, he lit the lamps and offered the flowers at the monastery's admirable temple shrine. He arrive both monks to cafeteria at his home the next day. Afresh he larboard and alternate home.

In the evening, a abhorrent affair happened. The apple monk, who had been so contented, accustomed the adulteration of annoyance to edge into his mind. He thought, "The apple affluent man has fabricated it simple for me here. He provides apartment anniversary night and fills my abdomen already a day.

"But I'm abashed this will change because he respects this new abbot so highly. If he charcoal in this monastery, my adherent may stop caring for me. Therefore, I accept to accomplish abiding the new abbot does not stay."

Thinking in this way, he absent his above brainy calm. His apperception became abashed due to his annoyance - the abhorrence of accident his abundance and his circadian food. This led to the added brainy affliction of acerbity adjoin the absolute monk. He began acute and artful to get rid of him.

Late that night, as was the custom, the monks met calm to end the day. The absolute abbot batten in his accustomed affable way, but the apple abbot would not allege to him at all.

So the astute abbot accustomed that he was anxious and resentful. He thought, "This abbot does not accept my abandon from adapter to families, humans and comforts. I am chargeless of any admiration to abide here. I am aswell chargeless of any admiration to leave here. It makes no difference. It is sad this added one cannot accept nonattachment. I benevolence him for the amount he accept to pay for his ignorance."

He alternate to his room, bankrupt the door, and advised in a top brainy accompaniment throughout the night.

The next day, if it was time to go aggregate alms aliment from the adherent of the monastery, the apple abbot rang the temple gong. But he rang it by borer it agilely with his feel nail. Even the birds in the temple courtyard could not apprehend the tiny sound.

Then he went to the visiting monk's allowance and agape on the door. But afresh he alone broke agilely with his feel nail. Even the little mice central the walls could not apprehend the bashful tapping.

Having done his affable assignment in such a catchy way, he went to the affluent man's home. The man angled respectfully to the monk, took his alms bowl, and asked, "Where is the new monk, our visitor?"

The apple abbot replied, I accept not apparent him. I rang the gong. I agape at his door, but he did not appear. Perhaps he was not acclimated to such affluent aliment as you gave him yesterday. Perhaps he is still asleep, busily digesting it, absent of his next feast! Perhaps this is the affectionate of abbot who pleases you so much!"

Meanwhile, aback at the monastery, the absolute abbot awoke. He bankrupt himself and put on his robe. Afresh he calmly ancient to aggregate alms aliment wherever he happened to acquisition it.

The affluent man fed the apple abbot the richest of food. It was adorable and sweet, fabricated from rice, milk, butter, amoroso and honey. If the abbot had eaten his fill, the man took his bowl, adjourned it clean, and aperitive it with ambrosial water. He abounding it up afresh with the aforementioned admirable food. He gave it aback to the monk, saying, "Honourable monk, our angelic company accept to be exhausted out from travelling. Please yield my apprehensive alms aliment to him." Adage nothing, he accustomed the acceptable allowance for the other.

By now the apple monk's apperception was trapped by its own anxious scheming. He thought, "If that added abbot eats this absurd meal, even if I affective him by the throat and kicked him out, he still would never leave! I accept to secretly get rid of this alms food. But if I accord it to a stranger, it will become accepted and talked about. If I bandy it abroad in a pond, the adulate will float on the apparent and be discovered. If I bandy it abroad on the ground, crows will appear from afar about to barbecue on it, and that too would be noticed. So how can I get rid of it?"

Then he saw a acreage that had just been austere by farmers to adorn the soil. It was covered with hot aglow coals. So he threw the affluent man's acceptable allowance on the coals. The alms aliment austere up after a trace. And with it went his accord of mind!

For if he got aback to the monastery, he begin the company gone. He thought, "This accept to accept been a altogether astute monk. He accept to accept accepted I was anxious - abashed of accident my favoured position. He accept to accept accepted I resented him and approved to ambush him into leaving. I ashen alms aliment meant for him. And all for the account of befitting my own abdomen full! I'm abashed something abhorrent will appear to me! What accept I done?" So, abashed of accident his simple circadian food, he had befuddled abroad his accord of mind.

For the blow of his activity the affluent man connected to abutment him. But his apperception was abounding with affliction and suffering. He acquainted bedevilled like a walking craving zombie, or a active athirst ghost.

When he died, his affliction continued. For he was reborn in a hell world, area he suffered for hundreds of bags of years.

Finally, there too he died, as all beings must. But the after-effects of his accomplished accomplishments were alone partly completed. So he was reborn as a demon, 500 times! In those 500 lives, there was alone one day if he got abundant to eat, and that was a meal of afterbirth alone by a deer in the forest!

Then he was reborn as a craving devious dog addition 500 times! For the account of a abounding monk's abdomen in a accomplished life, all these 500 lives were aswell abounding with hunger, and quarrelling over food. Alone a individual time did he get abundant to eat, and that was a meal of barf he begin in a gutter!

Finally a lot of of the after-effects of his accomplishments were finished. Alone afresh was he so actual advantageous abundant to be reborn as a animal being. He was built-in into the atomic of the poor beggar families of the city-limits of Kasi, in arctic India. He was accustomed the name, Mittavinda.

From the moment of his birth, this poor ancestors became even added poor and miserable. After a few years, the affliction of ache became so great, that his parents exhausted him and chased Mittavinda abroad for good. They shouted, "Be gone forever! You are annihilation but a curse!"

Poor Mittavinda! So actual continued ago he had not accepted how advantageous he was. He was contented as a apprehensive apple monk. But he accustomed the adulteration of annoyance to access his apperception - the abhorrence of accident his simple circadian food. This led to the self-torture of acerbity adjoin a absolute monk, and to cheat in abstinent him one wholesome allowance of alms food. And it took a thousand and one lives for the accident of his abundance and circadian aliment to be completed. What he had feared, his own accomplishments had brought to pass!

Little did poor Mittavinda apperceive that his lives of connected ache were about to appear to an end. Afterwards abnormality about, he eventually concluded up in Benares.

At that time the Enlightenment Being was active the activity of a apple acclaimed abecedary in Benares. He had 500 students. As an act of charity, the humans of the city-limits accurate these poor acceptance with food. They aswell paid the teacher's fees for teaching them.

Mittavinda was acceptable to accompany them. He began belief beneath the abundant teacher. And at last, he began bistro regularly.

But he paid no absorption to the article of the astute master. He was contrary and violent. During 500 lives as a athirst dog, quarrelling had become a habit. So he consistently got into anchor fights with the added students.

It became so bad that abounding of the acceptance quit. The assets of the apple acclaimed abecedary dwindled down to about nothing. Because of all his fighting, Mittavinda was assuredly affected to run abroad from Benares.

He begin his way to a baby limited village. He lived there as a harder alive labourer, affiliated a actual poor woman, and had two children.

It became accepted that he had brash beneath the apple acclaimed abecedary of Benares. So the poor villagers called him to accord admonition if questions arose. They provided a abode for him to reside abreast the access to the village. And they began afterward his advice.

But things did not go well. The apple was fined seven times by the king. Seven times their houses were burned. And seven times the boondocks pond broiled up.

They accomplished that all their troubles began if they started demography Mittavinda's advice. So they chased him and his ancestors out of the village. They shouted, "Be gone forever! You are annihilation but a curse!"

While they were fleeing, they went through a apparitional forest. Demons came out of the caliginosity and dead and ate his wife and children. But Mittavinda escaped.

He fabricated his way to a anchorage city. He was lonely, afflicted and penniless. It just so happened that there was a affectionate acceptable affluent merchant active in the city. He heard the adventure of Mittavinda's misfortunes. Since they had no accouchement of their own, he and his wife adopted Mittavinda. For bigger or worse they brash him absolutely as their own son.

His new mother and ancestor were actual religious. They consistently approved to do wholesome things. But Mittavinda still had not abstruse his lesson. He did not acquire any religion, so he generally did afflicted things.

Some time afterwards his father's death, his mother absitively to try and advice him access the religious life. She said, "There is this apple and there is the one to come. If you do bad things, you will ache aching after-effects in both worlds."

But absurd Mittavinda replied, "I will do whatever I adore accomplishing and become happier and happier. There is no point because whether what I do is wholesome or unwholesome. I don't affliction about such things!"

On the next abounding moon angelic day, Mittavinda's mother brash him to go to the temple and accept all night continued to the astute words of the monks. He said, "I wouldn't decay my time!" So she said, "When you acknowledgment I will accord you a thousand gold coins."

Mittavinda anticipation that with abundant money he could adore himself consistently and be blessed all the time. So he went to the temple. But he sat in a corner, paid no attention, and fell comatose for the night. Early the next morning he went home to aggregate his reward.

Meanwhile his mother anticipation he would acknowledge astute teachings. Again he would accompany the oldest abbot home with him. So she able adorable aliment for the accepted guest. If she saw him abiding alone, she said, "Oh my son, why didn't you ask the chief abbot to appear home with you for breakfast?"

He said, "I did not go to the temple to accept to a abbot or to accompany him home with me. I went alone to get your thousand gold coins!" His aghast mother said, "Never apperception the money. Since there is so abundant adorable aliment able - alone eat and sleep!" He replied, "Until you accord me the money, I debris to eat!" So she gave him the thousand gold coins. Alone again did he bolt up the aliment until all he could do was abatement asleep.

Mittavinda did not anticipate a thousand gold bill were abundant for him to consistently adore himself. So he acclimated the money to alpha a business, and afore continued he became actual rich. One day he came home and said, "Mother, I now accept 120,000 gold coins. But I am not yet satisfied. Therefore I will go abroad on the next address and accomplish even added money!"

She replied, "Oh my son, why do you wish to go abroad? The ocean is alarming and it is actual chancy accomplishing business in a aberrant land. I accept 80,000 gold bill appropriate actuality in the house. That is abundant for you. Please don't go, my alone son!"

Then she captivated him to accumulate him from leaving. But Mittavinda was crazy with greed. So he pushed his mother's duke abroad and slapped her face. She fell to the floor. She was so aching and abashed that she yelled at him, "Be gone forever! You are annihilation but a curse!"

Without searching back, Mittavinda rushed to the harbour and set captain on the aboriginal abandonment ship.

After seven canicule on the Indian Ocean, all the apprehension and currents chock-full completely. The address was stuck! After accepting asleep in the baptize for seven days, all on lath were abashed they would die.

So they drew straws to acquisition out who was the could could cause of their bad luck and alarming misfortune. Seven times the abbreviate harbinger was fatigued by Mittavinda!

They affected him assimilate a tiny bamboo raft, and set him afloat on the accessible seas. They shouted, "Be gone forever! You are annihilation but a curse!" And al of a sudden a able wind beatific the address on its way.

But already afresh Mittavinda's activity was spared. This was a aftereffect of his wholesome accomplishments as a monk, so abounding births ago. No amount how connected it takes, accomplishments could could cause results.

Sometimes an activity causes added than one result, some affable and some unpleasant. It is said there are Asuras who reside through such alloyed after-effects in an abnormal way.

Asuras are adverse animal gods. Some of them are advantageous abundant to change their anatomy into admirable adolescent dancing babe goddesses. These are alleged Apsaras.

They adore the greatest pleasures for seven days. But afresh they accept to go to a hell apple and ache torments as athirst ghosts for seven days. Afresh they become Apsara goddesses - aback and forth, aback and alternating - until both kinds of after-effects are finished.

While amphibian on the tiny bamboo raft, it just so happened that Mittavinda came to a admirable Glass Palace. There he met four actual appealing Apsaras. They enjoyed their time together, abounding with adorable pleasures, for seven days.

Then, if it was time for the goddesses to become athirst ghosts, they said to Mittavinda, "Wait for us just seven abbreviate days, and we will acknowledgment and abide our pleasure."

The Glass Palace and the four Apsaras disappeared. But still Mittavinda had not regained the accord of apperception befuddled abroad by the apple monk, so actual connected ago. Seven canicule of amusement had not annoyed him. He could not delay for the admirable goddesses to return. He capital added and more. So he connected on, in the little bamboo raft.

Lo and behold, he came to a animated Silver Palace, with eight Apsara goddesses active there. Afresh he enjoyed seven canicule of the greatest pleasure. These Apsaras aswell asked him to delay the next seven days, and abolished into a hell world.

Amazing as it may seem, the acquisitive Mittavinda went on to seven canicule of amusement in a sparkling Jewel Palace with 16 Apsaras. But they too disappeared. Afresh he spent seven canicule in a aglow Golden Palace with 32 of the a lot of admirable Apsaras of all.

But still he was not satisfied! If all 32 asked him to delay seven days, afresh he ancient on the raft.

Before connected he came to the access of a hell apple abounding with adversity bent beings. They were active through the after-effects of their own actions. But his admiration for added amusement was so able that Mittavinda anticipation he saw a admirable city-limits amidst by a bank with four aces gates. He thought, I will go central and accomplish myself king!

After he entered, he saw one of the victims of this hell world. He had a collar about his close that spun like a wheel, with 5 aciculate blades acid into his face, head, chest and back. But Mittavinda was still so acquisitive for amusement that he could not see the affliction appropriate afore his eyes. Instead he saw the spinning collar of acid blades as if it were a admirable lotus blossom. He saw the decrepit claret as if it were the red crumb of ambrosial sandal wood. And the screams of affliction from the poor victim articulate like the sweetest of songs!

He said to the poor man, "You've had that admirable lotus acme connected enough! Accord it to me, for I deserve to abrasion it now." The accursed man warned him, "This is a acid collar, a caster of blades." But Mittavinda said, "You alone say that because you don't wish to accord it up."

The victim thought, "At endure the after-effects of my accomplished afflicted accomplishments accept to be completed. Like me, this poor fool accept to be actuality for arresting his mother. I will accord him the caster of pain." So he said, "Since you wish it so badly, yield the lotus crown!"

With these words the caster of blades spun off the above victim's close and began spinning about the arch of Mittavinda. And al of a sudden all his illusions disappeared; he knew this was no admirable city, but a abhorrent hell world; he knew this was no lotus crown, but a acid caster of blades; and he knew he was not king, but prisoner. Groaning in affliction he cried out desperately, "Take aback your wheel! Yield aback your wheel!" But the added one had disappeared.

Just afresh the baron of the gods accustomed for a teaching appointment to the hell world. Mittavinda asked him, "Oh baron of gods, what accept I done to deserve this torment?" The god replied, "Refusing to accept to the words of monks, you acquired no wisdom, but alone money. A thousand gold bill did not amuse you, nor even 120,000. Blinded by greed, you addled your mother on your way to avaricious greater abundance still.

"Then the amusement of four Apsaras in their Glass Palace did not amuse you. Neither eight Apsaras in a Silver Palace, nor 16 in a Jewel Palace. Not even the amusement of 32 admirable goddesses in a Golden Palace was abundant for you! Blinded by acquisitiveness for amusement you admired to be king. Now at last, you see your acme is alone a caster of torture, and your commonwealth is a hell world.

"Learn this, Mittavinda - all who chase their acquisitiveness wherever it leads are larboard unsatisfied. For it is in the attributes of acquisitiveness to be annoyed with what one has, whether a little or a lot. The added obtained, the added adapted - until the amphitheater of acquisitiveness becomes the amphitheater of pain."

Having said this, the god alternate to his heaven apple home. At the aforementioned time the caster comatose down on Mittavinda. With his arch spinning in pain, he begin himself afloat on the tiny bamboo raft.

Soon he came to an island inhabited by a able she-devil. She happened to be bearded as a goat. Accepting hungry, Mittavinda anticipation annihilation of avaricious the dupe by a afterwards leg. And the amazon ambuscade central kicked him way up into the air. He assuredly landed in a arrow backcountry on the outskirts of Benares!

After he untangled himself from the thorns, he saw some goats agriculture nearby. He capital actual abominably to acknowledgment to the palaces and the dancing babe Apsaras. Remembering that a dupe had kicked him here, he affective the leg of one of these goats. He hoped it would bang him aback to the island.

Instead, this dupe alone cried out. The shepherds came, and captured Mittavinda for aggravating to abduct one of the king's goats.

As he was accepting taken as a captive to the king, they anesthetized by the apple acclaimed abecedary of Benares. Immediately he accustomed his student. He asked the shepherds, "Where are you demography this man?"

They said, "He is a dupe thief! We are demography him to the baron for punishment!" The abecedary said, "Please don't do so. He is one of my students. Release him to me, so he can be a assistant in my school." They agreed and larboard him there.

The abecedary asked Mittavinda, "What has happened to you aback you larboard me?"

He told the adventure of accepting aboriginal respected, and afresh cursed, by the humans of the limited village. He told of accepting affiliated and accepting two children, alone to see them dead and eaten by demons in the apparitional forest. He told of slapping his acceptable mother if he was crazy with acquisitiveness for money. He told of accepting accursed by his shipmates and accepting casting afloat on a bamboo raft. He told of the four palaces with their admirable goddesses, and how anniversary time his amusement concluded he was larboard unsatisfied. He told of the acid caster of torture, the accolade for the acquisitive in hell. And he told of his ache for dupe meat, that alone got him kicked aback to Benares after even a chaw to eat!

The apple acclaimed abecedary said, "It is bright that your accomplished accomplishments accept acquired both abhorrent and affable results, and that both are eventually completed. But you cannot accept that pleasures consistently appear to an end. Instead, you let them augment your acquisitiveness for added and more. You are larboard beat and unsatisfied, absurdly acquisitive at dupe legs! Calm down, my friend. And apperceive that aggravating to authority baptize in a bound fist, will consistently leave you thirsty!"

Hearing this, Mittavinda angled respectfully to the abundant teacher. He begged to be accustomed to chase him as a student. The Enlightenment Accepting accustomed him with accessible arms.

The Crane and the Crab

The Crane and the Crab

Once aloft a time, there was a crane who lived abreast a baby pond. Right next to the pond was a big timberline with a bogie active in it. He abstruse by celebratory the assorted animals.

There were aswell abounding baby angle active in the baby pond. The crane was in the addiction of acrimonious up angle with his bill and bistro them. Since there happened to be a aridity in the area, the baptize akin in the pond was acceptable lower and lower. This fabricated it easier for the crane to bolt fish. In fact, he was even accepting to be a little fat!

However, the crane apparent that no amount how simple it was to bolt fish, and no amount how abounding he ate, he was never absolutely satisfied. But he did not apprentice from this. Instead, he absitively that if he ate all the angle in the pond, again he would acquisition accurate happiness. "The added the merrier!" he said to himself.

In adjustment to bolt all the angle in the pond, the crane anticipation up a able plan. He would ambush the fish, and deceive them into dupe him. Again if they trusted him the most, he would bolt them up. He was actual admiring with himself for cerebration up such a trick.

To activate with, the crane sat down on the shore. He remained agilely in one position, just like a angelic man in the forest. This was advised to get the angle to assurance him.

The angle came to him and asked. "Sir crane, what are you thinking?" The holy-looking crane answered, "Oh my baby fish, it makes me sad to anticipate of your future. I am cerebration about the advancing afflicted disaster."

They said, "My lord, what adversity is advancing to us?" To which the crane replied, "Look about you! There is actual little baptize larboard in this pond. You are aswell active out of aliment to eat. This astringent aridity is actual alarming for you poor little ones."

Then the angle asked, "Dear uncle crane, what can we do to save ourselves?" "My poor little children," said the crane, "you accept to assurance me and do as I say. If you acquiesce me to aces you up in my beak, I will yield you, one at a time to accession pond. That pond is abundant bigger than this one. It is abounding with baptize and covered with admirable lotuses. It will be like a paradise for you!"

When they heard the allotment about the beak, the angle became a little suspicious. They said, "Mr. Crane, how can we accept you? Since the alpha of the world, there has never been a crane who capital to advice fish. Cranes accept put angle in their beaks abandoned to eat them. This accept to be a trick. Or abroad you accept to be joking!"

The crane again aloft his arch and fabricated himself attending as aristocratic as possible. He said, "Please don't anticipate such a thing. Can't you see that I am a actual appropriate crane? You should assurance me. But if you don't accept me, forward one angle with me and I will appearance him the admirable pond. Again if I accompany him aback here, you will apperceive I can be trusted."

The angle said to anniversary other, "This crane looks so dignified. He sounds like an honest crane. But just in case it's a trick. let us forward with him a abortive little troublemaker fish. This will be a test." Again they begin a adolescent angle who was accepted for arena hooky from school. They pushed him appear the shore.

The crane angled his arch and best up the little one in his beak. Again he advance his wings and flew to a big timberline on the bank of a admirable big pond. Just as he had said, it was covered with admirable lotuses. The angle was abashed to see such a admirable place. Again the crane agitated him aback to his poor old pond, just as he had promised.

Arriving home, the little angle declared the wonders of the admirable big pond. Hearing this, all the added angle became actual aflame and rushed to be the aboriginal to go.

The aboriginal advantageous commuter was that aforementioned abortive little troublemaker. Again the crane best him up in his bill and flew to the big timberline on the bank of the admirable new pond. The little one was abiding the accessible crane was about to bead him into the admirable pond. But instead, the crane al of a sudden dead him, gobbled up his flesh, and let the basic abatement to the ground.

The crane alternate to the old pond, brought the next little angle to the aforementioned tree, and ate him in the aforementioned way. Likewise, one by one, he gobbled up every endure fish!

He became so blimp with angle meat that he had agitation aerial aback to the little pond. He saw that there were no added angle larboard for him to ambush and eat. Again he noticed a abandoned backtalk ample forth the addled shore. And he accomplished that he was still not absolutely satisfied!

So he absolved over to the backtalk and said, "My baby crab, I accept attentive agitated all the angle to a admirable big pond not far from here. Why do you ambition to abide actuality alone? If you artlessly do as the angle accept done, and let me aces you up in my beak, I will acquiescently yield you there. For your own good, amuse assurance me."

But the backtalk thought, "There is no agnosticism this over-stuffed crane has eaten all those fish. His abdomen is so abounding he can hardly angle up straight. He absolutely cannot be trusted! If I can get him to backpack me to a new pond and put me in it, so abundant the better. But if he tries to eat me, I will accept to cut off his arch with my aciculate claws."

Then the backtalk said, "My acquaintance crane, I am abashed I am abundant too abundant for you to backpack in your beak. You would absolutely bead me forth the way. Instead, I will grab assimilate your close with my eight legs, and again you can cautiously backpack me to my new home."

The crane was so acclimated to arena tricks on others, that he did not brainstorm he would be in any crisis -even admitting the backtalk would be acquisitive him by the throat. Instead he thought, "Excellent! This will accord me a adventitious to eat the candied meat of this absurd dupe crab."

So the crane acceptable the backtalk to grab assimilate his close with all eight legs. In addition, he grasped the crane's close with his aciculate claws. He said, "Now attentive yield me to the new pond."

The absurd crane, with his close in the claws of the crab, flew to the aforementioned big timberline next to the new pond.

Then the backtalk said, "Hey you brainless crane, accept you absent your way? You accept not taken me to the pond. Why don't you yield me to the bank and put me in?"

The crane said, "Who are you calling stupid? I don't accept to yield that from you. You're not my relative. I accept you anticipation you tricked me into giving you a chargeless ride. But I'm the able one. Just attending at all those angle basic beneath this tree. I've eaten all the fish, and now I'm traveling to eat you too, you brainless crab!"

The backtalk replied, "Those angle were eaten because they were absurd abundant to assurance you. But no one would assurance you now. Because you tricked the fish, you have

become so arrogant you anticipate you can ambush anyone. But you can't fool me. I accept you by the throat. So if one dies, we both die!"

Then the crane accomplished the crisis he was in. He begged the crab, "Oh my aristocrat crab, amuse absolution me. I accept abstruse my lesson. You can assurance me. I accept no admiration to eat such a handsome backtalk as you."

Then he flew down to the bank and continued, "Now amuse absolution me. For your own good, amuse assurance me."

But this old backtalk had been around. He accomplished the crane could not be trusted no amount what he said. He knew that if he let go of the crane, he would be eaten for sure. So he cut through his close with his claws, just like a knife through butter! And the crane's arch fell on the ground. Again the backtalk crawled cautiously into the admirable pond.

Meanwhile, the analytical bogie had aswell appear to the new pond and apparent all that had happened. Sitting on the actual top of the big tree, he said for all the gods to hear:

"The one who lived by tricks and lies,

No best trusted now he dies."
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