Monday, 12 September 2011

Salty Liquor-Foolishness

Salty Liquor-Foolishness

Once aloft a time, there was a alehouse buyer in Benares. He had a harder alive bartender, who was consistently aggravating to be accessible by inventing new means of accomplishing things.

One hot day, the alehouse buyer capital to bath in a adjacent river. So he larboard the bartender in allegation while he was gone.

The bartender had consistently wondered why a lot of of the barter ate a little alkali afterwards bubbler their liquor. Not adulatory to appearance his ignorance, he never agitated to ask them why they did this. He did not apperceive that they ate the alkali in adjustment to hunt abroad the aftereffect of the liquor. He anticipation it bare alkali to aftertaste good.

He wondered why taverns did not add alkali to their liquor. He absitively that if he did so, the business would accomplish abundant college profits, and the alehouse buyer would be actual pleased. So he added alkali to all the liquor!

To his surprise, if the barter came to the alehouse and drank the acrid liquor, they anon discharge it out and went to a altered bar.

When the buyer alternate from his dip in the river, he begin his alehouse after customers, and all his liquor ruined.

So he went and told this adventure to his friend, an adviser to the king. The adviser said, "The ignorant, adulatory alone to do good, generally cannot advice accomplishing harm."


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