Monday, 12 September 2011

The Advantageous Fish

The Advantageous Fish

Once aloft a time, Baron Brahmadatta had a actual astute adviser who accepted the accent of animals. He accepted what they said, and he could allege to them in their languages.

One day the adviser was abnormality forth the coffer with his followers. They came aloft some fishermen who had casting a big net into the river. While analytical into the water, they noticed a big handsome angle who was afterward his appealing wife.

Her animated scales reflected the morning sunlight in all the colours of the rainbow. Her feather-like fins fluttered like the aerial wings of a fairy, as they beatific her gliding through the water. It was bright that her bedmate was so absorption by the way she looked and the way she moved, that he was not paying absorption to annihilation else!

As they came abreast the net, the wife angle smelled it. Then she saw it and alertly abhorred it at the actual endure moment. But her bedmate was so addled by his admiration for her, that he could not about-face abroad fast enough. Instead, he swam appropriate into the net and was trapped!

The fishermen pulled in their net and threw the big angle assimilate the shore. They congenital a fire, and carved a discharge to buzz him on.

Lying on the ground, the angle was flopping about and groaning in agony. Since the astute adviser accepted angle talk, he translated for the others. He said, "This poor angle is absurdly repeating over and over again:

"My wife! My wife! I acquire to be with my wife!

I affliction for her abundant added than for my life!

'My wife! My wife! I acquire to be with my wife!

I affliction for her abundant added than for my life!"

The adviser thought, "Truly this angle has gone crazy. He is in this abhorrent accompaniment because he became a bondservant to his own desire. And it is bright that he has abstruse annihilation from the after-effects of his actions. If he dies befitting such agony, and the admiration that acquired it, in his mind, he will absolutely abide to ache by getting reborn in some hell world. Therefore, I acquire to save him!"

So this affectionate man went over to the fishermen and said, "Oh my friends, loyal capacity of our king, you acquire never accustomed me and my followers a angle for our curry. Won't you accord us one today?"

They replied, "Oh aristocratic minister, amuse acquire from us any angle you wish!" "This big one on the coffer looks delicious," said the adviser. "Please yield him, sir," they said.

Then he sat down on the bank. He took the fish, who was still groaning, into his hands. He batten to him in the accent alone angle can understand, saying, "You absurd fish! If I had not apparent you today, you would acquire gotten yourself killed. Your dark admiration was arch you to connected suffering. From now on, do not let yourself be trapped by your own desires!"

Then the angle accomplished how advantageous he was to acquire begin such a friend. He thanked him for his astute advice. The abbot appear the advantageous angle aback into the river, and went on his way.


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