Monday, 12 September 2011

Two Stupid Children

Two Stupid Children

Once aloft a time, there was an old carpenter with a agleam baldheaded head. On brilliant days, his arch shined so blithely that humans black their eyes if talking to him!

On just such a brilliant day, a athirst mosquito was admiring to the old carpenter's ablaze baldheaded head. He landed on it and started bitter into it.

The carpenter was active cutting a section of copse with a plane. If he acquainted the mosquito bitter him, he approved to hunt him away. But the athirst mosquito would not leave such a acceptable searching meal. So the man alleged over his son and asked him to get rid of the adamant pest.

Unlike his father's agleam head, the son was not so bright. But he was harder alive and obedient. He said, 'Don't anguish Dad, be patient. I'll annihilate that bug with just one blow!"

Then he best up a actual aciculate ax, and took accurate aim at the mosquito. Without thinking, he came down with the ax and breach the mosquito in two! Unfortunately, afterwards slicing through the mosquito, the ax aswell breach the old carpenter's agleam baldheaded arch in two.

Meanwhile, an adviser to the baron happened to be casual by with his followers. They saw what had just happened, and were absolutely abashed that anyone could be so stupid!

The king's adviser said, "Don't be so afraid by animal stupidity! This reminds me of a agnate accident that occurred just yesterday.

"In a apple not far from here, a woman was charwoman rice. She was anguish it in a adhesive with a pestle, to abstracted the husks. As she formed up a sweat, a army of flies began active about her head. She approved to hunt them away, but, the agog flies would not leave.

"Then she alleged over her babe and asked her to shoo abroad the aggravating bugs. Although she was a rather absurd girl, the babe consistently approved her best to amuse her mother.

"So she stood up from her own mortar, aloft her pestle, and took accurate aim at the better and boldest of the flies. Without thinking, she formed the fly to death! But of course, the aforementioned draft that dead the fly, aswell concluded her mother's life.

"You all apperceive what they say," said the adviser, finishing his story, "'With accompany like these, who needs enemies!"'


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