Monday, 12 September 2011

The Dancing Peacock

The Dancing Peacock

Once aloft a time, a actual continued time ago, the four-footed animals fabricated the bobcat their king. There was a gigantic angle that roamed the oceans, and the angle fabricated him their king. The birds were admiring to beauty, so they chose the Aureate Swan as their king.

King Aureate Swan had a admirable aureate daughter. While she was still young, he accepted her one wish. She admired that, if she was old enough, she could aces her own husband.

When his babe was old enough, Baron Aureate Swan alleged all the birds active in the all-inclusive Himalayan Mountains of axial Asia to a gathering. The purpose was to acquisition a aces bedmate for his aureate daughter. Birds came from far away, even from top Tibet. There were geese, swans, eagles, sparrows, bustling birds, cuckoos, owls and abounding added kinds of birds.

The acquisition was captivated on a top bedrock slab, in the admirable blooming acreage of Nepal. Baron Aureate Swan told his admirable babe to baddest whichever bedmate she wished.

She looked over the abounding birds. Her eye was admiring by a animated emerald-green long-necked peacock, with attractive abounding appendage feathers. She told her father, "This bird, the peacock, will be my husband."

Hearing that he was the advantageous one, all the added birds awash about the peacock to congratulate him. They said, "Even a part of so abounding admirable birds, the aureate swan angel has called you. We congratulate you on your acceptable fortune."

The peacock became so aloof up with pride, that he began to appearance off his bright accoutrement in a absurd arrogant dance. He fanned out his amazing appendage accoutrement and danced in a amphitheater to appearance off his admirable tail. Being so conceited, he acicular his arch at the sky and forgot all modesty, so that he also, showed his a lot of clandestine locations for all to see!

The added birds, abnormally the adolescent ones, giggled. But Baron Aureate Swan was not amused. He was ashamed to see his daughter's best behave in this way. He thought, "This peacock has no close abashment to accord him able modesty. Nor does he accept the alien abhorrence to anticipate blue behavior. So why should my babe be abashed by such a asinine mate?"

Standing in the bosom of the abundant accumulation of birds, the baron said, "Sir peacock, your articulation is sweet, your accoutrement are beautiful, your close shines like an emerald, and your appendage is like a baroque fan. But you accept danced actuality like one who has no able abashment or fear. I will not admittance my innocent babe to ally such an apprenticed fool!"

Then Baron Aureate Swan affiliated his aureate babe to a aristocratic nephew. The asinine arrogant peacock flew away, accepting absent a admirable wife.


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