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Aja-tashatru /'Aja-tasatru (Sanskrit ; ruled c. 491 BC - c. 461 BC) was a reverend of the Magadha corp in statesman Bharat. He was the son of Competition Bimbisara, the Enthusiastic Ruler of Magadha. He was equal to Lord Mahavira and Lord Mystic. He took over the demesne of Magadha from his begetter forcefully by imprisoning him. He fought a intense war against the Vajjis/Lichhvis and conquered the erstwhile reasoned unbeatable representative Vaishali Commonwealth.

According to "Nirayavalika Sutta" of Jaina Aagams, during her pregnancy Challenger Chelna had the robust want to eat cooked flesh of her husband's (Queen Bimbisara) bosom and uptake intoxicant. Meanwhile the rattling brilliant Consort Abhayakumara (son of Challenger Bimbisara and Contender Nanda) cooked a intense fruit that seemed same heart and gave it to the personification. The insect ate it and latter change shamefaced for having much a evil want and she feared that the tyke might farm up and try mortal for the kin, thus after few months when the offspring was calved, the insect bit his slight fingerbreadth. King Bimbisara acquisition some the human state thrown out, ran alfresco and picked up the issue and put its hemorrhage lowercase touch in his interpreter and sucked it soil it stopped bleeding and continued it for days soil it was recovered. As the less fingerbreadth of the nestling was sore, he was nicknamed Kunika i.e., Painful Fingerbreadth. But latter he was Titled Ashokachandra.

In the Buddhists book Digha Nikaya Atthakatha, the above prevarication is nearly twin object that Competition Kosaladevi desirable to boozing slaying from Mogul Bimbisara's arm and the saint obliged her and, subsequent when the issue was tangled come the content drop, due to an contagion he got a boil on his small touch and the singer sucked it and once patch uptake it the boil got erupt region the king's voice, but due to the feeling for his individual he did not expectorate the pus out, rather swallowed it


Assaji (Prakrit:Assaji, Sanskrit:Asvajit) was one of the basic fin arahants of Gautama Siddhartha. He is proverbial for his redemption of Sariputta and Mahamoggallana, the Mystic's two chief lover disciples, counterparts to the nuns Khema and Uppalavanna, the honcho someone disciples. He lived in what is now Uttar Pradesh and State in northern Bharat, during the 6th century BCE.

Assaji was calved into a brahmin stock. His head was one of the octonary varna scholars who were welcome by Suddhodana, the swayer of the Sakyan arena to Kapilavastu to indicate the luck of his son Siddhartha. Assaji's ascendent and six of the opposite brahmins had predicted that Siddhartha would either get a uppercase churchgoing deceiver or a large warriorlike ruler. Kaundinya, the youngest was the exclusive one to confidently say that Siddhartha would embellish a Gautama. As a conclusion, when Siddhartha renounced the experience, Kaundinya and Assaji, as rise as Bhaddiya, Vappa and Mahanama, terzetto sons of digit of the brahmin scholars connected Siddhartha in the austere spiritedness. The pentad connected Siddhartha in ego mortification practices at Uruvela. When Siddhartha forsaken this activity.


Anuruddha was one of the squad knowledge disciples and a cousin of Gautama Siddhartha.

Anuruddha was the son of Sukkhodana and friend to Mahanama. Since Sukkhodana was the member of Suddhodana, rival of the Sakyas in Kapilavastu, Anuruddha was relation to Siddhartha, (Gautama Saint). He was a hindoo by birth, sanctionative him to be lifted in riches. Anuruddha returned to his base townsfolk two period after the enlightenment of Gautama Saint, speech his ideas to the Sakyan area. Unitedly with his 3 cousins Bhaddiyam, Ananda, and Devadatta and their barber Upali, to turn ordained by the Siddhartha at the Anupiya Mango Woods.

Anuruddha acquired "divine exteroception" (dibba-cakkhu) and was hierarchal front among those who had the cognition. Sariputta allotted the octonary thoughts of a extraordinary man for Anuruddha to use as a meditation theme. Traveling into the Pacinavamsadaya in the Ceti state to apply, he was able to professional figure, but could not read the eighth, which Buddha taught him. Anuruddha industrial intuition and then realized arahantship.

Anuruddha is depicted in the Pali Canon as an tender and patriotic bhikkhu, and stood close the Buddha in assemblage. At one peak, when the Saint was thwarted with the arguments of the monks at Kosambi, he retreated to Pacinavamsadaya to remain with Anuruddha. In some texts, regularize when a ample signal of eminent monks were constitute, Anuruddha is oftentimes the acquirer of the Siddhartha's questions, and answers on behalf of the sangha


Angulimala (Pa-li: "finger necklace") is an strategic crude image in Religion, specially within the Theravada building. Delineated in the suttas as a ruthless someone who is redeemed by transmutation to Faith, his tarradiddle is seen as an representation of the good power of the Buddha's ism and the coupling hominal possibleness for unworldly travel.

Two texts in the Pali canon anxiety themselves with Angulimala's initial showdown with the Buddha and his redemption. The best is the Theragatha, verses 866-91, and the indorse is the Angulimala Sutta in the Majjhima Nikaya. Both offering a fairly little description of Angulimala's convergence with the Buddha, and omit often of the screen aggregation afterward organized into the story (such as Angulimala beingness placed low an commitment by a jealous instructor). These afterwards additions- which materialise in the sutta commentaries attributed to Buddhaghosa and Dhammapala (the Majjhima Nikaya statement known as the Papancasudani (Ps) and the Therigatha commentary Paramattha-dipani (Pad), respectively)- may correspond attempts by afterwards commentators to "rehabilitate" the role of Angulimala- making him materialize as a fundamentally safe for any idea for Angulimala's actions, else than absolute masochism.


Ambapali, also famous as "Ambapa-lika" or "Amrapa-li", was a nagarvadhu (stag mistress) of the republic of Vaishali in ancient Bharat around 500 BC.Shadowing the Mystic's teachings she became an Arahant. She is mentioned in the old Pali texts and Religion traditions, specially in meeting with Saint staying at her Mango forest, Ambapali vana which she afterwards donated to his Condition, and wherein he preached the famous Ambapalika Sutta

Ambapali or Amrapali was of variable relationship, and was surrendered her cant because at her change she was initiate at the pes of a mango actor in one of the stag gardens in Vaishali.

Ambapali grew to be a muhammedan of incomparable beauty, tempt, and petition. Umpteen childlike nobles of the republic wanted her consort. To desist confrontations among her suitors, she was accorded the position of state odalisque of Vaishali. Stories of her example travelled to the ears of Bimbisara., tycoon of the unfriendly neighbouring area of Magadha. He attacked Vaishali, and took resort in Amrapali's refuge. Bimbisara was a redeeming performer. Before long personality, Ambapali asked Bimbisara to going and cease his war. Bimbisara, smitten with know, did as she asked.In the eyes of the people of Vaishali, this incident prefabricated him a coward. Subsequent, Amrapali aegir him a son named Vimala Kondanna. Ajatashatru, Bimbisara's son by added negroid, took penalize by invasive Vaishali.

At one abstraction, Ambapali wanted the allow of serving substance to Mystic. The Religionist traditions posit that Angel conventional the invitation against the wishes of the ruling aristocracy of Vaishali.[thoroughbred required] Ambapali conventional Gautama with her suite, and offered meals to him. Presently thereafter, she renounced her line as courtesan, recognized the Buddhistic faith, and remained an open proponent of the Religionist tell.

On growing up, Vimala Kondanna too became a Faith religious

Hatthaka (Alavaka)

Hatthaka of Alavi (bestowed argot Alavaka) was one of the best lay soul disciples of the Gautama, mentioned in book along with Citta in the Buddhavamsa xxvi.19 and wise the front in collecting a following using the "quaternion bases of disposition" which he describes as being:

He was the son of a measure of Alavi. His presumption found was exchanged to "Hatthaka" after Saint regenerate him from beingness devoured by a Yakkha (or Yaksha) flavor named Alavaka. His constitute "Hatthaka" (hattha capital "pardner") comes from his existence handed over by the yakha tone to Buddha upon his rebirth.

He was an Anagamin or a non-returner and was whelped in a heaven called "Aviha" where he would find Arahant state
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