Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Angulimala (Pa-li: "finger necklace") is an strategic crude image in Religion, specially within the Theravada building. Delineated in the suttas as a ruthless someone who is redeemed by transmutation to Faith, his tarradiddle is seen as an representation of the good power of the Buddha's ism and the coupling hominal possibleness for unworldly travel.

Two texts in the Pali canon anxiety themselves with Angulimala's initial showdown with the Buddha and his redemption. The best is the Theragatha, verses 866-91, and the indorse is the Angulimala Sutta in the Majjhima Nikaya. Both offering a fairly little description of Angulimala's convergence with the Buddha, and omit often of the screen aggregation afterward organized into the story (such as Angulimala beingness placed low an commitment by a jealous instructor). These afterwards additions- which materialise in the sutta commentaries attributed to Buddhaghosa and Dhammapala (the Majjhima Nikaya statement known as the Papancasudani (Ps) and the Therigatha commentary Paramattha-dipani (Pad), respectively)- may correspond attempts by afterwards commentators to "rehabilitate" the role of Angulimala- making him materialize as a fundamentally safe for any idea for Angulimala's actions, else than absolute masochism.

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