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Three Characteristics

In Buddhism the three characteristics should be avoided.
greed, hatred and delusion
these three characteristics are said to avoid by the Buddha for its very bad for the development of self or self development.

These three things are considered to be the negative things and with these three things one cant develop their lives. Greed could destroy our life and moreover, these three characteristics should be given up.

Anger in you

In Buddhism we are taught to have passion and control our mind, also to bear the anger in yourself, when we can not control ourselves then we are angry then firstly we must control our mind then we can look what is happening within us.

Anger is bad in a person's life and anger is like the fire, if you are angry and you if yo don't stop your anger then it will grow, like the fire burning the house.

control your mind and anger should not be within you, try to meditate and think more about yourself what is in you and then you control your mind and try to know the nature of mind then you could easily control your ways to actions then you could control your anger to yourself and others and also you could be free and in peace if you could stop your anger and you will have a nice and happy life.

Avoid Greed

Lobha is the pali word and its Greed in English.
The Buddha said to avoid our greed and that greediness has so bad for us and in our daily life it harm.

When we greed, our greed is too much and its very difficult to control our mind when we have the greed that we want more and more then our life will be more harder.

greed is one of the bad sign of our life disaster. we will not find peace in ourselves.
We should give up Greed to have peace and bight future.


Buddha+anussanti = Recalling the Buddha
in this meditation you have to look at the Buddha's statue and think of the good merit and trasfer the merits to people and focus on the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha and you will find peace in yourself.

How to Practice Samatha and Vipassana?


For Samatha Meditation, you can practice any time and any where, even if you are in Office or working place. some steps to follow Samatha meditation:
1. sit down
2. close your eyes
3. try to sit steel or straight
4. don't be serious in practice, just relax
5. breathe in and out
6. go on breathing in and out and if the mind roams then bring it back to your concentration.
the longer you practiced the more better is your mind. then after a long hour you could see the differences of your mind activity.


1. Try to find a suitable place, that could be the most calm place.
2. try to clean the area where you are going to meditation, you will clean the ares because if you are interested in long time meditation
3. keep all your necessary things around you, so that you could use any time and stay under control of your mind.
4. sit down, cross leg is better
5. stop thinking, forget everything outside the world
6. then focus on your movements of your abdomen. that is how its moving.
7. don't breathe in and out and its different from Samatha, just look and observe the movements of your abdomens, how its working.
8. if your mind is gone to else where, then start making a mental noting, thinking thinking thinking, then the mind will come back to your concentration.
9. don't move and try to sit straight and steel and if you having pain, then make a mental noting, paining, paining, paining, until the pain vanishes or goes away, once you note then that pain or thought will definitely go away.
These are the differences between Samatha and Vipassana Meditation
Then you will have a Good Meditation ^__^

Vipassana Meditation in Buddhism

Vi means Insight and passana means seeing
that is seeing the mind.

In Buddhism, Vipassana is most important meditation and that is the Only Meditation and only way that we could be liberate our self. if we want to be liberated to the final state then we need the only step to follow is Vipassana Meditation and all the aranhants (Worthy-one)and Buddhas attained Nibbana through Vipassana.

Its very serious practice, serious means the hardest practice of any other Meditation in Buddhism. in the Theravada country like Thailand, Myanmer, Combodia and Sri-Lanka are practiced this very often.In those countries there are great Vipassana Meditation masters. lets say mahasi Sayadaw is one of the great Teacher for Meditation and he could lead the people in thousands of numbers.

Well, its hard, so people may not be interested in doing it and there also other meditation that helps to calm down the mind. the mind in Buddhism is compared to a Monkey. We all know how the money is and what is the nature of a monkey, that is jumping from place to place, likewise our mind is jumping from seconds to seconds to places.

Therefore, we need to practice Samatha or Vipassana even if we are not able to get to final state, But meditation is the key to control our mind.

Samatha Meditation in Buddhism

In Theravada Buddhism, Samatha is practiced very often in daily life. its provides the efficacy of Samatha. now what helps Samatha in daily life? OK, lets see the meaning of the term Samatha means Breathing in and Out.

In Buddhism, two Buddhist Meditations are popular and there are 30+ meditations but we focus on Two:
1. Samatha (Breathing in and out)
2. Vipassana (Inght Meditation)

These two meditations are very important or Buddhists or those who are interested in Buddhism. to talk about the heart of Buddhism we need to talk about meditation first. Meditation is the thing that can change your life in a certain moment and time.

What is Rebirth in Budhism

Rebirth in Buddhism is the most important. We, in Buddhism believe what is Rebirth is. some people might not understand what is rebirth. Let's say, Rebirth means we reborn after we die, or we are born again.

some people may it makes no sense. but also we believe that we are born in accordance with our actions that we did in our past lives. if we were doing sins, bad actions etc.. then we will be born in bad family or in bad realm ..sometimes could be born in hell, animal world and those who do good and think good are born to heaven.

Therefore, Rebirth in Buddhism we believe very strongly and that is the reason we need to cultivate compassion and do/make good to oneself and to others then will be born in a good family.

how to stop reborn?
you cant stop reborn till you are attained to Nibbana and that the final state or gal of Buddhism. it takes millions and billions of years. until you get it done through Meditation.

Kamma/Karma in Buddhism

Karma or Kamma in Buddhism is very essential. It does give us the result. kamma in English means ACTION, that what we do in our our daily life is called action,
Now, In Buddhism we believe that everything we do we get its result, that is what we do if we do good then we have good result and if we do bad then we have bad results, therefore, Results are determined by the actions that we do or make.

For example, In Buddhism it is prohibited even to kill a mosquito for all Buddhists and if we take the life of that living creature . for more clear understand a living being or animal or any other living things, then we commit killing and that result we will clear understanding we will be killed by those one day.
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