Sunday, 17 October 2010

What is Rebirth in Budhism

Rebirth in Buddhism is the most important. We, in Buddhism believe what is Rebirth is. some people might not understand what is rebirth. Let's say, Rebirth means we reborn after we die, or we are born again.

some people may it makes no sense. but also we believe that we are born in accordance with our actions that we did in our past lives. if we were doing sins, bad actions etc.. then we will be born in bad family or in bad realm ..sometimes could be born in hell, animal world and those who do good and think good are born to heaven.

Therefore, Rebirth in Buddhism we believe very strongly and that is the reason we need to cultivate compassion and do/make good to oneself and to others then will be born in a good family.

how to stop reborn?
you cant stop reborn till you are attained to Nibbana and that the final state or gal of Buddhism. it takes millions and billions of years. until you get it done through Meditation.

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