Sunday, 17 October 2010

Vipassana Meditation in Buddhism

Vi means Insight and passana means seeing
that is seeing the mind.

In Buddhism, Vipassana is most important meditation and that is the Only Meditation and only way that we could be liberate our self. if we want to be liberated to the final state then we need the only step to follow is Vipassana Meditation and all the aranhants (Worthy-one)and Buddhas attained Nibbana through Vipassana.

Its very serious practice, serious means the hardest practice of any other Meditation in Buddhism. in the Theravada country like Thailand, Myanmer, Combodia and Sri-Lanka are practiced this very often.In those countries there are great Vipassana Meditation masters. lets say mahasi Sayadaw is one of the great Teacher for Meditation and he could lead the people in thousands of numbers.

Well, its hard, so people may not be interested in doing it and there also other meditation that helps to calm down the mind. the mind in Buddhism is compared to a Monkey. We all know how the money is and what is the nature of a monkey, that is jumping from place to place, likewise our mind is jumping from seconds to seconds to places.

Therefore, we need to practice Samatha or Vipassana even if we are not able to get to final state, But meditation is the key to control our mind.

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