Friday, 1 April 2011

How to lead a happy life

  1. Stay Positive
  2. look huge Image
  3. Prepare alms for the most that you love
  4. try to get some fresh wind
  5. socialize with people
  6. help others
  7. try to exercise
  8. meditate in your leisure times
  9. focus on yourself and try to tame your mind.
  10. do the same (do these steps daily)

How to help your self?, how to help oneself?

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Dear Buddhist Friends,

Today, I would like Introduce a Scholarship for those who are intersted in Buddhist studies.

There are many ways you can apply for Scholars. Its free for everyone for studies, practising Dhamma and 

Organization, Scholarships are offered. Any Buddhist studies, lay followers and monk are welcomed to apply 

for Scholarships and  you just need to write about 400 words essay and you will be selected as well if you 

want to apply so please try to contact me if you want.

If you want to apply and need more information please contact me:

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