Friday, 22 April 2011

Bengali settler Burning about 100 house of CHT (Jumma People)

This is very sad to hear that in the Khagrachori district, the Bengali Muslims have burned houses, temples, and killed people. These Jumma people are Innocent people but the Muslims due to greed for the land often attacks the people of CHT.

please tell us what you think about this matter.

Bengali Attacked Jumma People 2011, Burning houses in Jumma People 2011

Bengali Muslims Attacked once again to the Jumma People burning the houses in Ramgarh and Manikchari.

Bengali Muslim people have burnt about 100 houses of Jumma people last week and many of the Chakma 

people were killed and some of the family members could not be found.

House of the Jumma people were taken, lands are taken, smiles are taken by these Bengali Muslims.

 Bengali people has destroyed the Buddhist temple and Buddha's Statues..they kept on this for years and yet

there is no reaction is taken over this problem. however, These Buddhist people keep on worshiping the

Buddha image that were remained after burning and they still have the faith and practice in Buddhism.

 This below picture shows the burning of the Jumma house and almost every year round they do like this non-stop.

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