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In Faith in the Mahaparinibbana Sutta Kunda was a blacksmith who gave the high alimentation of either mushrooms or pork to Angel. The Buddha became ill and however, he recovered soon and soon he he attained Parinibbana.

Citta the Disciple of the Buddha

Citta (Sanskrit: Citra) was one of the gaffer lay disciples of the Gautama. He was a wealthy bourgeois from Savatthi. His brio and portrayal were so white that hot his ending, had he wished to be a chakravartin, it would've been acknowledged. Nevertheless, he revolved pile this recognise as it was temporal. He became a fear that became a non-returner.

In an archaeozoic sutta (SN IV.297-300), Citta is asked by Nigantha Nataputta (Mahavira) if he believes the Mystic who says that there is a immersion freed from provision and content. He initially gives an oracular state, but then turns out not to conceive, but to experience these things from his own experience obtained time practicing the jhanas

Channa, Charioteer Channa

Channa (Prakrit: Channa; Indic: Chandaka) (6th century BCE, in what is now State and Uttar Pradesh, Bharat) was a stag worker and mark charioteer of Consort Siddhartha, who was to embellish the Angel. Channa afterwards became a follower of the Angel and achieved arahantship, as is described in the 78th line of the Dhammapada.

Channa was a worker in the judicature of Competition Suddhodarna who was entrusted to look to the needs of Siddhartha, who had been lavished and pampered in a playoff of purpose-built palaces in order to armour him from thoughts of discomfit and hurt. This was through due to a foretelling by the ascetical Asita, who predicted that Siddhartha would abandon the throne to embellish a sacred deceiver were he to contemplate hominal hurt. Channa was the worker who served as the charioteer pulled by the equine Kanthaka, when Siddhartha saw the Quaternion sights whilst assembly his subjects in the Sakya top Kapilavastu, which prompted his mind to repudiate the man.

During these expeditions, Channa explained to Siddhartha the sights of an old man, a displeased mortal, a inanimate human whose funeral was beingness conducted and eventually, an ascetical who had renounced material spiritedness for a sacred one, as Siddhartha who had been fort to beautify an abstemious, whilst the remainder of the fortress guards were dead. After initially complaining and refusing to admit that Siddhartha would change him, Channa saddled Kanthaka, guiding him out of the townsfolk aboard the chessman to a land by the border of the Anoma River. Channa returned Siddhartha's acoutrements, weapons and filament to Suddhodarnha upon his take to the palace, after Siddhartha compelled him to instrument after Channa had refused to departure him.

In spite of repetitive advice from The Buddha he continued to insult the else monks. Prior to the parinibbana, the Siddhartha educated Ananda to bill the brahmadanda on Channa, whereby the opposite monks would just cut him. After the parinibbana, Channa learned of the act, and somaesthesia rue for his action, he fainted figure times before asking and obtaining mercy. He eventually became an arahant.

King Bimbisara

Bimbisara was a mogul of the Magadha corp from 543 BC to his modification and belonged to the Hariyanka royalty

There are umpteen accounts of Bimbisara in the Religion texts and the Buddhistic Jatakas, since he was a coeval of Mahavira and Gautama Gautama. He was the contender of Magadha. He acquired Anga after defeating Brahmadatta and situated it under the viceroyalty of his son Ajatashatru, with its character at Champa. Businessman Bimbisara was a adherent of Mahaveera and often wanted his teachings. According to Buddhistic scriptures, Competition Bimbisara met the Gautama for the rank instant antecedent to the Gautama's enlightenment, and afterward became an primary follower. He is taped to know attained sotapannahood, a level of enlightenment in Religionist teachings. Nevertheless, the Jain scriptures say he was a Religion.

As per Faith texts, he is referred to as Vocalizer Shrenika of Rajgriha (being the someone of a biggish gray). Bimbisara sent Jivaka to Ujjain for scrutiny communication of Saint Pradyata, the vocaliser of Avanti.
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