Thursday, 7 July 2011

Citta the Disciple of the Buddha

Citta (Sanskrit: Citra) was one of the gaffer lay disciples of the Gautama. He was a wealthy bourgeois from Savatthi. His brio and portrayal were so white that hot his ending, had he wished to be a chakravartin, it would've been acknowledged. Nevertheless, he revolved pile this recognise as it was temporal. He became a fear that became a non-returner.

In an archaeozoic sutta (SN IV.297-300), Citta is asked by Nigantha Nataputta (Mahavira) if he believes the Mystic who says that there is a immersion freed from provision and content. He initially gives an oracular state, but then turns out not to conceive, but to experience these things from his own experience obtained time practicing the jhanas

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