Saturday, 16 October 2010

What is Sangha?

Sangha means the community or group of Buddhist monks.
The lay followers of the Buddha respect the monks because the Buddha said to respect three gems that is Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.
Sangha or the community of monks are very helpful to modern society, because Sangha is the group of people who will lead the society and who will teach the teaching of the Buddha to general people.

Sanghas are the leaders of the people of those who are interested in Buddhism, Now the Buddha is gone but the responsibilities of the monk or Sangha is to reform the mistakes of the monks and Buddhism and teach the people to learn about the Buddhism.

Therefore, in conclusion, Sangha is the eye of the Buddhism.

Sila (Precepts) in Buddhism

Sila means Precepts. In Buddhism we all try to follow and live in accordance with the Dhamma that the Buddha taught us to maintain our life in happiness and peace.

He who lives in accordance with the Precepts, he finds the present Peace and happiness in life in this life itself or life after this.

In Buddhism, Sila/s are divided into many...
1. panca sila or five precepts are for lay followers)
2. atthasila- 8 precepts are for lay Followers too
3. dasa sila or 10 precepts are for the Novice.
4. 227 silani for higher ordination monk.

Is Buddha a God?

No, He was not a god, He was the normal Buddha but the title was give the Buddha, that means the all knowing one.

He has the power to know each and every one and their thoughts.
He was born in the same as are born ...

he was a Brahmin society later he discovered Buddhism.
however, He was not a God and he found the right path for himself and he also showed that way to all of us which we MUST follow him the way he thought us.


Tathagatha is the simile for the Buddha and he was also called, Buddha, Tathagatha, Sammasambuddha, bhagava, arahant etcs....

This term show s the uniqueness of the Buddha and how he was known to people during the time of the Buddha.
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