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How to Get Rid of Belly Fat for Good

Abdominal fat is difficult to get rid of him. But you can lose weight and get rid of excess weight around your middle if you follow a few simple steps.

1 Cut the sugar. If you eat much sugar, they feel confident that eventually find their way into the abdomen, in the form of love handles and belly fat. There are a lot ofsugar added to processed foods, if they start to eat a healthier diet, which can develop many health problems, and the belly fat deposits and others in less desirableplaces in the body . Stop drinking soda, and reduce all forms of elements disguisedas sweets.

2 Cut refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates, devoid of any real nutritionis as bad as sugar. Cut them too. Eating carbohydrates grain breads natural, unprocessed and raw or steamed vegetables and other food and everything.

3 Build muscle. Muscle helps the body burn fat at a faster pace. In addition to theoperation itself is not bad either.

How to Get Rid of Stomach Fat

Belly fat is probably the main reason people work and trying to lose weight. HateLa Stomach Fat People is probably the mayor why people work and try to lose weight. People hate how they look and feel for themselves when they are dealing with the fat around their stomach, abs and many people struggle books "six-pack. Getting rid of belly fat is not something you just CAN DO Abs cons, sin embargo. Debe You work hard in paragraph forms Burn fat and maintain it.


1 Eat a healthy diet low in fat. Two major causes of stomach fat in unhealthy diets and lack of exercise. You can run a mile every day, but red meat, dinner is not much difference lbs. Their diet of fruits, vegetables and low fat proteins like chicken breasts should include everything. Read the nutrition label and oil, stay away from sweets and high fat items.

 2 Taking long walks or runs every day. Cardiovascular exercise is an absolute necessity when it comes to burning calories. Getting rid of belly fat for each race of a mile of the day. Walk to work, if possible, a good exercise to include in your daily life.

3 Swim a few times a week. Swimming in the functioning of the body, heart, stamina and stomach, where it will lose the fat makes the muscles work.

 4 Better performance, lower and oblique abdominal exercises. But do not burn belly fat stomach. Tie legs and prone oblique abdominal exercises abdominal exercises crisis.

 5 Increase your metabolism. Your metabolism is your body to burn fat is naturally occurring. Exercise increases metabolism and healthy eating. Many experts in five small meals rather than three large meals a day, recommends eating.

6 Avoid eating before going to bed. Eating late at night is considered a slower metabolism. A good rule is to avoid eating three hours before bedtime.

Benefits of Buddhist Meditation

In most of the time our mind is busy, caught up in endless thoughts that leaves us shaken and tired. everyday experience worry, anxiety, irritability and many other non-peaceful minds. However, the true nature of mind is clear, peaceful and expansive. 

Find peace of mind 
Unfortunately, racing thoughts constantly busy and on several occasions when our heads are like storm clouds that hide the true peace that could experience in our hearts. Sometimes there are natural breaks in the clouds and enjoy a peaceful mind and comfortable, but these experiences are often fleeting. Through meditation we can undo our habits of thought, and gradually make the difference in the clouds grow larger and last longer, until in time the clouds disappear completely. 

Meditation Find happiness within
Be happy 
The main advantage is that when our mind is peaceful happiness grows naturally in our hearts. However, there are many other benefits that have been tested on the road. Studies have shown meditation to reduce stress, people normalize blood pressure and help them feel more relaxed. With peace of mind, we are more understanding of others and improve our relations. 

Development of wisdom 
Immediately meditation can help improve the quality of our spirit and help our physical health. However, the benefits of meditation go far beyond the Fellowship short term. Using meditation to understand the true nature of reality that can develop an experience of inner peace and happiness that is always with us, whatever our external circumstances. Is it freedom of Continuing difficulties and problems that Buddhism offers

Anapana sati Meditation

Universally applicable methods for cultivating the mental focus is the emphasis onbreathing and being outgoing.

The breath is used simply as a point on which to focus our attention on the nose. Thefocus should not walk, even to follow the breath.

At first, it is advisable to check the breath for a count, but as soon as possible to keepthe mind fixed without this artificial aid, must be stopped and will only be used whennecessary to attract attention.

A stage is reached when the meaning of bodily appearance and disappearance ofphysical elements in the body feels.

This is the first direct experience of suffering that is inherent in all phenomena - therealization within oneself the first of the Four Noble Truths, what happens when youfollow the meaning of "pity" enthusiastic joy associated with the physical body .

"Vipassana" Professor, however, is careful to describe their students in advancewhat is likely to experience, because if it does, there is a strong possibility that thepower of suggestion will produce false reaction.

Meditation and attention

In the speech of the Great Buddha on the practice of mindfulness, theMaha-Satipatthana Sutta, both the object and the means to achieve clearly defined.The attention to body movements, changes of states of mind, must be cultivated to itstrue nature must be known. Instead of identifying these physical and mental phenomena with the false self-concept, we see them as they really are: movements of a physical body, a set of four elements ('Mahabhutas ") subject to physical laws ofcausality on the one hand, and secondly, a stream of successive phases ofconsciousness arise and disappear in response to external stimuli. Must be viewed objectively, as if they were processes not related to us But belongs to another order ofphenomena.
Buddhism is the BEST religion in the world today. Do you agree? Share your thoughts on this goal of what religion is the best in the world. I am loyal to the religions of the world for reasons of brevity, but have included acompetitor and that is the Bahais.

Other than that, it is the world's religions (in alphabetical order): Buddhism,Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism. So what do you think?
What is the best religion in the world?

I'll make his case for the sharing of databases each of the religions of the world. Themain criteria that I follow are: peaceful actions of his followers and the quality ofeducation. I'll let you think about each step of the road.

How to Hide a Lip Piercing the First Day You Get it

You want to hide a lip piercing newest understandable, especially if you work or go to school in an environment that has based its dress code in traditional values​​. Fortunately, suppliers have created drilling options to keep a piercing without fully exposing the existence of the hole. You only need a firm hand, the retainer lip piercing, and cleaning.

1 Clean the lip-piercing and holding hands with antibacterial soap. Be sure to wash all soap residue, because it can make the hole and start an infection.

2 Remove the original bolt or lip ring carefully. Because it is the first day, the area may bleed or feel tender or swollen.

3 Put the plug into the hole as soon as possible. You may feel pain and bleeding of the tender. If bleeding occurs, press the area lightly with a paper towel until the bleeding stops.

4 Wash the area around the sealing lip piercing with antibacterial soap and water. You can also apply an antibacterial cream to the area.

How to Learn Digital Photography Online


Things you need

A computer with Internet connection.

 1 Check schedules online community colleges in your state. Remember that if the courses are offered entirely online is no need to live near the university to attend.

 2  Find the training and education programs for adults in your city. Many courses offered online.

 3  search sites like YouTube for video instructional videos. I know you can laugh. In fact, I took a photography course in respect of several online video tutorials were very helpful. Look for videos produced by professionals and canals.

 4 Find an online school of photography or art school online. schools online art schools and photography can be more expensive than community colleges, however, may offer a greater variety of courses and trained teachers are not available elsewhere on the web.

Visit the manufacturer's Web camera. Canon and Nikon have video tutorials that are very specific to the model.     

6  Be aware of the blogosphere. Professional photographers have many tips and tutorials on their private blogs that can help you learn a thing or two.

How to Improve Your Photography

General Tips

 There is plenty of room to work on every photo you take. Fill this space with the subject. The unused space in the picture should be there because they want there.
Only the center of its intentional object and, on rare occasions.

Use a lens hood when shooting in bright sunlight. If this is not enough to prevent sunspots, the dark front of the lens with his free hand.

 Take several photos of the same subject. If your camera is auto-bracketing, use it. This mode the camera takes several photos with different exposure settings to prevent exposure.

Digital cameras usually save images in JPEG or RAW. One advantage of shooting RAW may be able to correct a bad show with a photo editor.

Digital cameras are not always in perfect adjustment of the color which has skyrocketed. If your camera has a proper adjustment of white balance, use it, otherwise, leave the auto white balance.

  Stabilize your image

Use a good sturdy tripod when you can, as often as possible. To avoid moving the camera to adjust all the settings on the tripod before shooting. Remember also to use a cable remote shutter release or wireless.

Some cameras have a mirror lock feature that reduces the movement within the camera. When this mode is activated, you must press the trigger twice. Press the button, wait several seconds for the vibrations stop and then take the picture.

If you can not use a tripod, then try placing the camera on a table, a bench or something solid and stable. Point your camera at your subject and shoot. Wear a hat, bag or purse to help hold the camera.

Whether to keep the camera and then try to anchor himself leaning against a solid object like a wall or tree. Hold your breath, just before taking the picture.

  Use the lowest ISO / ATA as possible

If you're shooting in broad daylight, then use the lowest ISO setting number of digital camera or film ATA lower than that available, such as ISO 50 or 100. Use a slightly higher number such as ISO 200 or 400 if the subject is in motion or in the shade.


To get the best image, use a small aperture, resulting in a high number like f/16, f/32 or more (depending on your camera equipment.) If there is wind your
shutter speed at least 1 / 60.

Keep the horizon level and not the position of the horizon in the center of the image.


Unless you're shooting a portrait, do not let the legs, arms, or the top of their heads are cut off his image. It is also better to avoid the subject's position in relation to things like traffic lights so that your friend does not look like a stop sign protruding from his shoulder.

Huge platforms photographs can intimidate people and reduce the chances of capturing that special moment. If you can get away with it, do not use a lens hood, a lens of mass media or large flash that can only strengthen the intimidation, because it makes your team much more important.

Keep your camera at his side until needed. Only raise when you find an item you like. Then, after taking the pictures, turn the camera toward him. Bag the best room which is much easier.

Always focus on the eyes.

Use the flash to eliminate shadows on the face, even if you are away. New cameras can be occupational exposure, otherwise you can read about using fill flash with your computer.

To reduce the people who ask for you, pull pulls a "ghost" of a dozen or two shots. At that time, they (particularly children) may be bored with you and returned to normal activity.

Try shooting at the height of the subject.

    6   Make 'Pop' its image

If you want your item to leave the fund, set the camera to "manual" or "aperture priority mode and select the largest aperture available, which means the smallest number (2.8, 5.6, etc. .) This will give you a shallow depth of field so that the track is strong, while the background is blurred. As this means that the optical depth of field, in addition to his approach is real.

 7 Good lighting

Be prepared to shoot before sunrise and sunset. Be patient. For sunsets, do not leave until dark. Bring a flashlight to see when you set up your computer. This will also help if you take pictures of sunsets and have to walk in the dark.

  8 Bad weather

Get your team ready in case the weather turns bad as it can be an excellent opportunity for a unique look.

Bring lunch bags, rubber bands and some small towels in case of rain. If it rains, put the camera in plastic bags (or hang plastic bags on top of your computer) and secure with rubber bands. Towels can help keep equipment dry and can be duplicated by providing extra padding in your bag.

 9 Checklist

Before going to shoot, check the settings on your camera. Make sure that does not conform to ISO 3200, unless you really want. Check your exposure mode, white balance and your batteries
are not about to die. Also make sure you do not have a set of customized features that allowed you do not want, such as mirror lock up or automatic exposure bracketing.

Whether you are shooting digital, your checklist should always end with backups of your images as soon as you finish shooting. Storage in the computer is not a backup. Always keep two copies of your images.
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