Tuesday, 24 May 2011

How to Learn Digital Photography Online



Things you need

A computer with Internet connection.

 1 Check schedules online community colleges in your state. Remember that if the courses are offered entirely online is no need to live near the university to attend.

 2  Find the training and education programs for adults in your city. Many courses offered online.

 3  search sites like YouTube for video instructional videos. I know you can laugh. In fact, I took a photography course in respect of several online video tutorials were very helpful. Look for videos produced by professionals and canals.

 4 Find an online school of photography or art school online. schools online art schools and photography can be more expensive than community colleges, however, may offer a greater variety of courses and trained teachers are not available elsewhere on the web.

Visit the manufacturer's Web camera. Canon and Nikon have video tutorials that are very specific to the model.     

6  Be aware of the blogosphere. Professional photographers have many tips and tutorials on their private blogs that can help you learn a thing or two.

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