Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Anapana sati Meditation

Universally applicable methods for cultivating the mental focus is the emphasis onbreathing and being outgoing.

The breath is used simply as a point on which to focus our attention on the nose. Thefocus should not walk, even to follow the breath.

At first, it is advisable to check the breath for a count, but as soon as possible to keepthe mind fixed without this artificial aid, must be stopped and will only be used whennecessary to attract attention.

A stage is reached when the meaning of bodily appearance and disappearance ofphysical elements in the body feels.

This is the first direct experience of suffering that is inherent in all phenomena - therealization within oneself the first of the Four Noble Truths, what happens when youfollow the meaning of "pity" enthusiastic joy associated with the physical body .

"Vipassana" Professor, however, is careful to describe their students in advancewhat is likely to experience, because if it does, there is a strong possibility that thepower of suggestion will produce false reaction.

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