Tuesday, 24 May 2011

How to Hide a Lip Piercing the First Day You Get it

You want to hide a lip piercing newest understandable, especially if you work or go to school in an environment that has based its dress code in traditional values​​. Fortunately, suppliers have created drilling options to keep a piercing without fully exposing the existence of the hole. You only need a firm hand, the retainer lip piercing, and cleaning.

1 Clean the lip-piercing and holding hands with antibacterial soap. Be sure to wash all soap residue, because it can make the hole and start an infection.

2 Remove the original bolt or lip ring carefully. Because it is the first day, the area may bleed or feel tender or swollen.

3 Put the plug into the hole as soon as possible. You may feel pain and bleeding of the tender. If bleeding occurs, press the area lightly with a paper towel until the bleeding stops.

4 Wash the area around the sealing lip piercing with antibacterial soap and water. You can also apply an antibacterial cream to the area.

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