Sunday, 17 October 2010

How to Practice Samatha and Vipassana?


For Samatha Meditation, you can practice any time and any where, even if you are in Office or working place. some steps to follow Samatha meditation:
1. sit down
2. close your eyes
3. try to sit steel or straight
4. don't be serious in practice, just relax
5. breathe in and out
6. go on breathing in and out and if the mind roams then bring it back to your concentration.
the longer you practiced the more better is your mind. then after a long hour you could see the differences of your mind activity.


1. Try to find a suitable place, that could be the most calm place.
2. try to clean the area where you are going to meditation, you will clean the ares because if you are interested in long time meditation
3. keep all your necessary things around you, so that you could use any time and stay under control of your mind.
4. sit down, cross leg is better
5. stop thinking, forget everything outside the world
6. then focus on your movements of your abdomen. that is how its moving.
7. don't breathe in and out and its different from Samatha, just look and observe the movements of your abdomens, how its working.
8. if your mind is gone to else where, then start making a mental noting, thinking thinking thinking, then the mind will come back to your concentration.
9. don't move and try to sit straight and steel and if you having pain, then make a mental noting, paining, paining, paining, until the pain vanishes or goes away, once you note then that pain or thought will definitely go away.
These are the differences between Samatha and Vipassana Meditation
Then you will have a Good Meditation ^__^

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