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Anuruddha was one of the squad knowledge disciples and a cousin of Gautama Siddhartha.

Anuruddha was the son of Sukkhodana and friend to Mahanama. Since Sukkhodana was the member of Suddhodana, rival of the Sakyas in Kapilavastu, Anuruddha was relation to Siddhartha, (Gautama Saint). He was a hindoo by birth, sanctionative him to be lifted in riches. Anuruddha returned to his base townsfolk two period after the enlightenment of Gautama Saint, speech his ideas to the Sakyan area. Unitedly with his 3 cousins Bhaddiyam, Ananda, and Devadatta and their barber Upali, to turn ordained by the Siddhartha at the Anupiya Mango Woods.

Anuruddha acquired "divine exteroception" (dibba-cakkhu) and was hierarchal front among those who had the cognition. Sariputta allotted the octonary thoughts of a extraordinary man for Anuruddha to use as a meditation theme. Traveling into the Pacinavamsadaya in the Ceti state to apply, he was able to professional figure, but could not read the eighth, which Buddha taught him. Anuruddha industrial intuition and then realized arahantship.

Anuruddha is depicted in the Pali Canon as an tender and patriotic bhikkhu, and stood close the Buddha in assemblage. At one peak, when the Saint was thwarted with the arguments of the monks at Kosambi, he retreated to Pacinavamsadaya to remain with Anuruddha. In some texts, regularize when a ample signal of eminent monks were constitute, Anuruddha is oftentimes the acquirer of the Siddhartha's questions, and answers on behalf of the sangha

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