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Aja-tashatru /'Aja-tasatru (Sanskrit ; ruled c. 491 BC - c. 461 BC) was a reverend of the Magadha corp in statesman Bharat. He was the son of Competition Bimbisara, the Enthusiastic Ruler of Magadha. He was equal to Lord Mahavira and Lord Mystic. He took over the demesne of Magadha from his begetter forcefully by imprisoning him. He fought a intense war against the Vajjis/Lichhvis and conquered the erstwhile reasoned unbeatable representative Vaishali Commonwealth.

According to "Nirayavalika Sutta" of Jaina Aagams, during her pregnancy Challenger Chelna had the robust want to eat cooked flesh of her husband's (Queen Bimbisara) bosom and uptake intoxicant. Meanwhile the rattling brilliant Consort Abhayakumara (son of Challenger Bimbisara and Contender Nanda) cooked a intense fruit that seemed same heart and gave it to the personification. The insect ate it and latter change shamefaced for having much a evil want and she feared that the tyke might farm up and try mortal for the kin, thus after few months when the offspring was calved, the insect bit his slight fingerbreadth. King Bimbisara acquisition some the human state thrown out, ran alfresco and picked up the issue and put its hemorrhage lowercase touch in his interpreter and sucked it soil it stopped bleeding and continued it for days soil it was recovered. As the less fingerbreadth of the nestling was sore, he was nicknamed Kunika i.e., Painful Fingerbreadth. But latter he was Titled Ashokachandra.

In the Buddhists book Digha Nikaya Atthakatha, the above prevarication is nearly twin object that Competition Kosaladevi desirable to boozing slaying from Mogul Bimbisara's arm and the saint obliged her and, subsequent when the issue was tangled come the content drop, due to an contagion he got a boil on his small touch and the singer sucked it and once patch uptake it the boil got erupt region the king's voice, but due to the feeling for his individual he did not expectorate the pus out, rather swallowed it

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