Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hatthaka (Alavaka)

Hatthaka of Alavi (bestowed argot Alavaka) was one of the best lay soul disciples of the Gautama, mentioned in book along with Citta in the Buddhavamsa xxvi.19 and wise the front in collecting a following using the "quaternion bases of disposition" which he describes as being:

He was the son of a measure of Alavi. His presumption found was exchanged to "Hatthaka" after Saint regenerate him from beingness devoured by a Yakkha (or Yaksha) flavor named Alavaka. His constitute "Hatthaka" (hattha capital "pardner") comes from his existence handed over by the yakha tone to Buddha upon his rebirth.

He was an Anagamin or a non-returner and was whelped in a heaven called "Aviha" where he would find Arahant state

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  1. Converting a Cannibal Alavaka is one of the example that shows the omnipotent power of Lord Buddha but through lord Buddha gentle words and his knowledge. Lord Buddha didn't use any kind of magical power but he used his magical words that change the heart of Alavaka.


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