Monday, 12 September 2011

The God in the Banyan Tree

The God in the Banyan Tree

In the past, and even in some places today, humans accept had superstitions. One such is that a ample or abnormal timberline is inhabited by a timberline god, or some affectionate of spirit. Humans anticipate that they can accomplish a affiance to this timberline god, so he will advice them in some way. When they anticipate the god has helped them, again they accept to accumulate their promise.

Once aloft a time, in the city-limits of Kasi in arctic India, a man came aloft a ample banyan tree. He anon anticipation there accept to be a god active there. So he fabricated a affiance to this timberline god that he would accomplish an beastly sacrifice, in acknowledgment for a ambition getting granted.

It just so happened that his ambition was fulfilled, but whether by a god or a demon or by some added agency - no one knows. The man was abiding the timberline god had answered his prayer, so he capital to accumulate his promise.

Since it was a big wish, it alleged for a big sacrifice. He brought abounding goats, mules, chickens and sheep. He calm firewood and able to bake the abandoned animals as a sacrifice.

The spirit active in the banyan timberline appeared and said, "Oh friend, you fabricated a promise. You are now apprenticed by that promise. You anticipate you accept to accumulate the affiance in adjustment to be appear from the chains to it. But if you accomplish such abhorrent afflicted acts, even admitting promised, the abhorrent after-effects will put you in abundant greater bondage. For you will be affected to ache those after-effects in this life, and even by rebirths in hell worlds! The way to absolution yourself into approaching absolution is to accord up afflicted actions, no amount what!

"And furthermore, back you anticipate I'm a accurate god, what makes you anticipate I eat meat? Haven't you heard that we gods eat bigger things, like 'ambrosia' or stardust or sunbeams? I accept no charge of meat or any added aliment offerings." Again he disappeared.

The absurd man accepted the aberration he had made. Instead of accomplishing afflicted accomplishments that would force black after-effects on him in the future, he began to do alone wholesome accomplishments that would account himself and others.

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