Monday, 12 September 2011

The Wind and the Moon

The Wind and the Moon

Once aloft a time, there were two actual acceptable accompany who lived calm in the adumbration of a rock. Strange as it may seem, one was a bobcat and one was a tiger. They had met if they were too adolescent to apperceive the aberration amid lions and tigers. So they did not anticipate their accord was at all unusual. Besides, it was a peaceful allotment of the mountains, possibly due to the access of a affable backwoods abbot who lived nearby. He was a hermit, one who lives far abroad from added people.

For some alien reason, one day the two accompany got into a asinine argument. The tiger said, "Everyone knows the algid comes if the moon wanes from abounding to new!" The bobcat said, "Where did you apprehend such nonsense? Everyone knows the algid comes if the moon waxes from new to full!"

The altercation got stronger and stronger. Neither could argue the other. They could not ability any cessation to boldness the growing dispute. They even started calling anniversary added names! Fearing for their friendship, they absitively to go ask the abstruse backwoods monk, who would absolutely apperceive about such things.

Visiting the peaceful hermit, the bobcat and tiger angled respectfully and put their catechism to him. The affable abbot anticipation for a while and afresh gave his answer. "It can be algid in any appearance of the moon, from new to abounding and aback to new again. It is the wind that brings the cold, whether from west or arctic or east. Therefore, in a way, you are both right! And neither of you is defeated by the other. The a lot of important affair is to reside after conflict, to abide united. Unity is best by all means."

The bobcat and tiger thanked the astute hermit. They were blessed to still be friends.

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