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The Groom Who Absent His Helpmate to the Stars

The Groom Who Absent His Helpmate to the Stars

Once aloft a time, there was a affluent ancestors active in Benares, in arctic India. They abiding for their son to ally a acceptable and honest babe from a adjacent village. Being actual appealing as well, they were abiding they could not acquisition a bigger wife for their son.

The groom's ancestors absitively on a date for the wedding. The bride's ancestors agreed to accommodated them in the apple on the alliance day.

Meanwhile, the affluent ancestors aswell had their own appropriate abstruse priest. When he begin out they had best the alliance day, after paying him to argue the stars, he became angry. He absitively to get even with them.

When the alliance day arrived, the abstruse priest dressed up in his finest robes, and alleged the ancestors together. He angled to them all, and again looked at his brilliant archive actual seriously. He told them that this brilliant was too abutting to the horizon, and that planet was in the average of an afflicted constellation, and the moon was in a actual alarming appearance for accepting a wedding. He told them that, not gluttonous his advice, they had best the affliction day of the year for a wedding. This could alone advance to a abhorrent marriage.

The abashed ancestors forgot all about the admirable qualities of the advised bride, and remained home in Benares.

Meanwhile the bride's ancestors had abiding aggregate for the apple alliance ceremony. When the agreed aloft hour arrived, they waited and waited for the approaching bedmate and his family. Finally they accomplished they were not coming. So they thought, "Those city-limits humans best the date and time, and now they didn't appearance up. This is insulting! Why should we delay any longer? Let our babe ally an honourable and harder alive apple man." So they bound abiding a new alliance and acclaimed the wedding.

The next day, the abstruse priest said that, suddenly, the stars and planets and moon were in absolute positions for a wedding! So the Benares ancestors went to the apple and asked for the alliance to yield place. But the apple humans said, "You best the date and time. Again you ashamed us by not assuming up!"

The city-limits humans replied, "Our ancestors priest told us that bygone the stars and planets and moon were in abhorrent positions. It was a actual afflicted day for a wedding. But he has assured us that today is a a lot of advantageous day. So amuse forward us the helpmate at once!"

The apple ancestors said, "You accept no honour. You accept fabricated the best of the day added important than the best of the bride. It's too backward now! Our babe has affiliated another." Again the two families began to affray heatedly.

A astute man happened to appear along. Seeing the two families quarrelling so,. he approved to achieve the dispute.

The city-limits humans told him that they had admired the warnings of their abstruse priest. It was because of the afflicted positions of the stars and planets and moon, that they had not appear to the wedding.

The astute man said, "The acceptable affluence was in the bride, not in the stars. You fools accept followed the stars and absent the bride. After your foolishness, those far off stars can do nothing!"


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