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The Pigeon and the Crow-The Crisis of Greed

The Pigeon and the Crow-The Crisis of Greed

Once aloft a time, the humans of Benares were addicted of ambience up bird houses. This was an act of generosity and kindness, done for the abundance of birds. It aswell fabricated the humans blessed to apprehend the affable birds singing.
Pigeon and  Crow

The richest man in the city-limits had a cook. He kept such a bird abode abreast the kitchen. In it lived a affable and accurate pigeon. He was so affable that he did not affliction to eat meat. And he was accurate to accumulate his ambit from the cook. For he knew the baker was in the addiction of baking and baking asleep animals, even including birds!

So the pigeon consistently larboard the bird abode aboriginal in the morning. After spending the day award and bistro his food, he alternate anniversary night to beddy-bye in the bird house. He was absolutely contented with his calm and controllable life.

Nearby there was a babble who was absolutely a altered array of character. For one thing, he would eat anything! And he was not accepted for accepting affable and careful. Instead, he generally became ever excited, and acted after because the danger. And far from accepting contented, he generally got himself into trouble.

One day the babble smelled the adorable aliment accepting adapted in the affluent man's kitchen. He was so admiring by the odour that he could not yield his apperception off it. He absitively that he accept to accept the affluent man's meat at any cost. So he began spying on the kitchen, aggravating to amount out a way to get some of the meat and fish.

As usual, that atramentous the pigeon alternate with his little abdomen satisfied, and acquiescently entered his little home for the night. Seeing this, the athirst babble thought, "Ah, wonderful! I can accomplish use of this addled pigeon to grab a adorable barbecue from the kitchen."

The next morning, the babble followed the pigeon if he larboard for the day. The pigeon asked him, "Oh my friend, why are you afterward me?" The babble replied, "Sir, I like you actual much, and I adore your calm and approved way of life. From now on, I would like to abetment you and apprentice from you."

The pigeon said, "Friend crow, your activity appearance is abundant added agitative than mine. You would get apathetic afterward me around. And you don't even eat the aforementioned aliment I do. So how can you abetment me?"

The babble said, "When you go anniversary day to acquisition your food, we will abstracted and I will acquisition my food. In the evening, we will appear aback together. Accepting together, we will be able to advice and assure anniversary other." The pigeon said. "That sounds all appropriate to me. Now go your own way and plan harder award food."

The pigeon spent his accepted day bistro grass seeds. It took some time patiently analytic for a few little grass seeds, but he was annoyed and contented.

The babble spent the day axis over cow dung patties, so he could bolt up the worms and insects he begin there. This was adequately simple work, but he kept cerebration it would be even easier to abduct from the affluent man's kitchen. And no agnosticism the aliment would be bigger too!

When he was full, he went to the pigeon and said, "Sir pigeon, you absorb too abundant time analytic for and bistro food. It is no acceptable crumbling the accomplished day that way. Let us go home." But the pigeon kept on steadily bistro grass seeds, one by one. He was absolutely blessed that way.

At the end of the day, the abrupt babble followed the pigeon aback to his bird house. They slept in it calm peacefully. They spent several canicule and nights in this way.

Then one day there was a supply of abounding kinds of beginning meat and fish. The baker abashed them on hooks in the kitchen for storage.

The babble saw this and was afflicted by the afterimage of so abundant food. His admiration became greed, and he began acute a way to get it all for himself. He absitively to pretend to be sick. So he spent the absolute night groaning and moaning.

The next morning, the pigeon was accessible to go attending for aliment as usual. The babble said, "Go after me, sir pigeon, I accept been ailing to my abdomen all night long."

The pigeon replied, "My baby crow, that sounds so strange. I've never heard of a babble accepting an agitated stomach. But I accept heard they sometimes aside from hunger. I doubtable you wish to bolt up as abundant as you can of the meat and angle in the kitchen. But it's for people, not crows. Humans don't eat pigeon food. Pigeons don't eat babble food. And it would not be astute for you to eat humans food. It ability even be dangerous! So appear with me as usual, and be annoyed with babble food, sir crow!"

The babble said, "I'm too sick, acquaintance pigeon, I'm too sick. Go advanced after me."

"Very well," said the pigeon, "but your accomplishments will allege louder than your words. I acquaint you, don't accident assurance for the account of greed. Be accommodating until I return." Then the pigeon larboard for the day.

But the babble paid no attention. He anticipation alone about avaricious a big section of fish, and was animated to be rid of the pigeon. "Let him eat grass seeds!" he thought.

Meanwhile, the baker able the meat and angle in a big bouillon pot. While it was cooking, he kept the lid hardly off, to acquiesce the beef to escape. The babble smelled the adorable aroma in the ascent steam. Watching from the bird house, he saw the baker go alfresco to blow from the heat.

The babble saw that this was the adventitious he'd been cat-and-mouse for. So he flew into the kitchen and sat on the bend of the bouillon pot. First he looked for the better section of angle he could find. Then he ashore his arch central and accomplished for it. But in so doing, he agape the lid off! The blast complete brought the baker into the kitchen at once.

He saw the babble continuing on the bend of the pot with a angle bigger than he was, blind from his beak! Immediately, he bankrupt the aperture and window of the kitchen. He thought, "This aliment is for the affluent man. I plan for him, not for some decrepit crow! I will advise him a assignment he'll never forget!"

The poor babble could not accept best a worse enemy. This baker just happened to be rather ignorant, so he did not apperception accepting atrocious if he had the high hand. He took no benevolence at all on the able crow.

He affective him, and plucked out all his feathers. The poor babble looked antic after his animated atramentous feathers. Then the antagonistic baker fabricated a ambrosial adhesive from ginger, alkali and chilli peppers. He rubbed it all over the crow's blush abscessed skin. Then he put him on the attic of the bird house, and laughed.

The babble sweated and suffered from the abhorrent afire pain. He cried in affliction all day long.

In the evening, the pigeon alternate from a quiet day analytic for and bistro grass seeds. He was abashed to see the abhorrent accompaniment of his acquaintance the crow. He said, "Obviously, you didn't accept to me at all. Your acquisitiveness has done you in. I'm so sad there's annihilation I can do to save you. And I'm abashed to break in this bird abode so abutting to that atrocious cook. I accept to leave at once!"

So the accurate pigeon flew abroad in seek of a safer bird house. And the plucked and pasted babble died a aching death.


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