Monday, 28 March 2011



 ånna stands for realizing the doctrines; realizing sainthood is mentioned by that. In many of the occasions of Pāli discourses we fine the term aññā standing the doctrine. In the Kītagirisutta of MN, the Buddha says the following.    

ñAhaM bhikkhave adikeneva aJJArAdhanaM vadAmi.

=O monks! I don’t declare the realization at the very beginning.”

In the ßatipaTThānasutta the Buddha says if one cultivates the four mindfulness seven times properly he will realize the dhamma (attained sainthood) or if the defilements remains attains the stage of non-returner.

“. . . ditthe vA dhamme aJJA sati vA upAdisesa anAgAmitA.

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