Monday, 28 March 2011

Savaka Upasika


1.  SujatA – the first among took the refuge first
2.  VisAkhA – the first among donors
3.  KhuccutarA – the first among well heard ones
4.  ßAmavatI – the first among living with loving kindness
5.   UttarAnandamAtA – the first among who practice trances
6.  ßuppavAsA – the first among the donors of sweat things
7.   SuppiyA – the first among attendance on the sick
8.  KhAtiyAnI – the first among with unshaken faith
9.   NakulamAtA – the first among truth worthy
10. KAlI – the first among who became pleased on the Buddha having heard from others

This appointment of the eighty great disciples is highlighting their spiritual qualities, shows a kind of ideal disciples. The Buddha wanted to build up this kind of disciples, therefore he has posted them in appropriate posts and through this the Buddha wishes the newly ordained and some others not only the entire four-person as well.  On the other hand it is the encouragement for those evil behaviour ones.

 Apart from this there are some other monks who were specialist in some fields related to doctrines. The two groups of monks who were at GhositarAma in Kosambi were called.
1.   Dhammadhara
2.   Vinayadhara
Dhammadhara means the holders of doctrines and vinayadhara means the holders of disciplines. These monks possess some special talents and skills that are related to these fields. Some forms of behaviour of some monks or some fraction of monks must have promoted. The Buddha to make such appointment, that wrong behaviour of Ven. Devadatta and his disciples, the group of five monks (paJcavaggiya bhikkhu), the group of seven monks (sattavasavaggiya bhikkhu) and those individual monks like UdAyi, RAdha, Sunakkhatta and Sati could have prevented mostly by encouraging the good monks. The CullavaggapAli has a record of an incident where the Buddha proclaimed the following monks are suitable for first seat (aggAsana), the first to be offer with water (aggodaka) and the first to be offered with food (aggapiNDa). They are as follows.

1.   Suttantika – the expert of discourses
2.   Vinayadhara – the holders of disciplines
3.   Dhammadhara – the holders of doctrines

The same text shows another group of expert called µAtikadhara the holders of special topics. According to some scholars there must be the holders of topics related to the both the doctrine and discipline. In the preaching the dhamma the Buddha encouraged to do well. When some disciples presented some teachings well the Buddha was so happy for that and he rejoiced it. With related to the promulgation of the vinaya the Buddha kept some authorities, for that season the Buddha is called Vinayika, this never has been used as an epithet for the disciples. But in propagating the dhamma the dhamma the disciples were given more authorities. 

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