Monday, 28 March 2011

Nissaggiya (patticiya)


There are thirteen precepts in this category; there are kinds of forfeiture precepts. Yet one can not be purified from them only by confession. Nissaggiya directly means given up of the right or one’s ownership. Next we can the first present of this category to understand their nature.

NiTThitacIvarasmiM bhikkhunA ubbhatasmiM kathine dhavetabbaM taM atikkAmayato nissaggiyaM pAcittiyaM

=when a disciplinary related to a robe is own and kathina significance is over a work can not keep an extra robe more than ten days. If he keeps it is a mistake.

A monk can wear an extra robe only if it is reasonable that is also for ten days. This aims at preserving the simplicity of monastic life.

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