Monday, 28 March 2011

Sanghadisesa – Formal meeting


the violation of this group of precepts which are thirteen in number (13) for monks and seventeen (17) for nuns is also included in garukApatti yet unlike in this case of pArajika from these mistake one can be as in the case of nine groups. A monk can purify by observing given duties (vatta samAdAna), by fulfilling given modes of behaviour (mAnatta pUraNa) and by performing the action of rehabilitation (abbhAnakamma).

When a bhikkhu happens to perform a saGghadises mistake he has to inform it to a wise co-resident (viJJA sabrahmacAri) in order to free from the mistake (Apattipaticchanna) revealing of mistake (Apatti Acarocana) is the first position action toward purity. Being thus honest is essential of monastic life. So long the mistake is hidden given duties should be performed that is called vatta samAdAna. When the mistake is not conceited the wrong doer makes request for mAnatta fulfillment of it means being respectful toward the sangha as a punishment to a mistake. When that is fulfilled the rehabilitaton (abbhAnavinayakamma) should be performed by the community of twenty (20) monks.

According to vinaya commentary the samntapAsAdika these are called sanghadises because all the steps of purification are related to the community. Accordingly thirty forms of formal meetings are the most serious among recoverable mistakes. These mistakes are divided into two groups.

1.  PaThAmapattika – it is mistake by first doing it. The mistakes from number one to eight comes under this category.
2.  YAvatatiyaka – from number nine to thirteen are accepted even for the third time recollecting the advaices.

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