Monday, 28 March 2011



 The Noble Path is divided into eight stages as four maggas and four phalas. There is more manifestation of the dhamma than personal evaluation pleasantness in the order means not being pleasant in the side of saGgha but being pleasant in persons of these eight stages. The same Cundasutta mentioned above defines the term saGgha as follows.

YAvatA Cunda saGghA vA gaNA vA tathAgata sAvakasaGgho tesaM aggamakkhAyati yadidaM cattAri purisa yugAni atthapurisapuggalA.

=O Cunda! In the gatherings or groups the gathering of disciples of the Well Gone One which has four couples of persons and eight individuals stays foremost.”

Devoid of dhamma there is no an existence of these individuals. So each of the magga and phala means one aspect of the dhamma.

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