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Study of Disciplinary Rules of Samanera


When the prince RAhula was ordained that was performed by given tisaraNa AgamaNa (taking the three refuges). Before long of prince RAhula another child was ordained at Ven. ßAriputta. The Buddha previous has advised not to keep two ßAmaneras  at one elder but on this occasion the permitted to keep more than one as long as the elder is able to guide them properly.

These two novices inquired disciplinary rules from the Buddha that are to be followed. Then the Buddha gave the ten precepts (dasasIla) and instruction.
ånujAnAmi bhikkhave sAmaNerANaM imAni dasasikkhApAni imesu ca sAmaNerehi sikkhituM
=O monks! I allow these ten precepts and disciplines in this factor for novices.

They ten precepts and their meanings are as follows
1.  PANAtipAtA veramaNI – refraining from killing
2.  ådinnAdAnA veramaNI – refraining from taking what is not given
3.  åbrahmacariyA veramaIrefraining non-celibacy
4.   MusAvAdA veramaNI refraining from telling lies
5.  ßurameraya majjapamadaTThAna veramaNi – refraining from taking intoxicants which make laziness and lethargy
6.  VikAlabhojana veramaNI – refraing from unlimited food
7.   NaccagItavAditavisUkadassana veramaNI – refraining from dace, song, music, joke
8.   MAgandha vilepana dhAraNamaNDanavibhUsaNaTThAna veramaNI – refraining from garland, scenes, body application, wearing, massage, embellishing
9.   UccA sayanamahAsayana veramaNI – reframing from high seat and big seat
10. JAtarUparajatapaTigghana veramaNI – refraining from taking gold and silver etc.

Among these the first five are more significant for by breaking one these a novice can be expelled, violating one of the later five a novice still subject to punishment only.

 ∂asasu sikkhApadesu purimAnaM paJcannaM atikkAmo nAsanavatthu, pacchimAnaM atikkAmo

 =Breaking one the first five is considered to have violated all the precepts. So he should be immediately kept in precepts before novice hood in lost (inganAsana)

If he repeats his mistake he should be expelled. Apart from these ten there are another ten special misdeeds which cost the expelling of novice from the order. Once there was an occasion these has to be done, a novice named KaNTaka raped a female she-novice named KaNTakI the following were introduced.

ånujAnAmi bhikkhave imehi dasabangehi samannAgataM sAmaNeraM nAsetuM

=O monks! I allow you to expel the novice who is endowed with these ten misdeeds.

1.  PANAtipati hoti – is killer
2.  ådinnAdAyi hoti – is stealer
3.  åbrahmacAri hoti – is non-celibate
4.  µusAvAdi hoti – is liar
5.  µajjapayi hoti – is drunkard
6.  Buddhassa avannaM bhAsati – is speaker of bad of the Buddha
7.  ∂hammassa avannaM bhAsati – is speaker of bad of doctrine
8.  ßaNghasa avannaM bhAsati – is speaker of bad of the community
9.  µicchAdiTThiko hoti – is holder of wrong view
10. BhikkhUnI dusako hoti – is one who sexually harasses a nun.

Such a novice should be expelled if he does not listen to the advice. Already earlier mentioned, that the last five of the ten precepts are subject to punishment. There are five other factor for which sAmaNera should be punished. Such punishments are given to keep him in refraining in future. 

1.  BhikkhUnaM alAbhAya parisakkati –acts for the non-received of monks
2.  BhikkhUnaM anatthAya parisakkati – acts for the non-well being of monks
3.  BhikkhUnaM AvAsAya parisakkoti – acts for the non-living of monks
4.  BhikkhU sikkhAni bhAdeti – cause enmity among monks

As the punishment it is mentioned not the novice to go the place of the teacher.

ånujAnAmi bhikkhave AvaraNaM kAtaM” this punishment is called rehabilitant the novice.

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