Monday, 28 March 2011

Idappaccayatā paTiccasmuppāda


At some instances, the term dhamma is used for causality. Causality in a way represents the realization of the Four Noble Truths and getting rid of avijja represents the dhamma. In the Āyācanasutta of SN explains how the Buddha reviewed the dhamma He realized before preaching the first sermon.

ådhigato kho mayA ayaM dhammo gambhīro duddaso duranubodho santo panīto atakkavAcaro nipuNo paNDitavedanīyo. ĀlayarAmA panAyaM pajA AlayaratA AlayasammuditA. ĀlayarAmAya kho pana pajAya Alaya sammuditAya duddasaM idaM thAnaM yadidaM idapaccayatA paTiccasamuppAdo.

=The doctrine that is deep, difficult to see, difficult to understand, calm, sublime, cannot be known through logic, profound and to be known by the wise was realized by me. This community (of beings) attached to attachment, stuck in attachment and intoxicated by attachment. It is difficult to be seen this, the causality, by the people who are attached and intoxicated by attachment.”

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