Monday, 28 March 2011

Aniyata –Not determined


There were two mistakes in this category here a monk stay with a woman alone and accordingly he can accuse one the mistakes of pArajika, saGshadisesa or pacittaya

1.   Being alone with a woman in a place where suitable for sexual union.
2.   Being alone with a woman at a place not suitable for sexual union.

In second case it should be alone sanghadisesa or pAcittiya. In the case of aniyata the accusation can be done by a woman whose words are believable (saddheya vacasA upAsikA), such a lady can not tell lie. Even though accusation is made the bhikkhu does not become the wrong doer till he accepts the mistake. When the lady is accusing with the parajika but monk accepts it only a sanghadisesa it is a sanghadisesa mistake. Until the monk accepts it ca not be told whether he is the wrong doer or not.

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