Monday, 28 March 2011

Appointing Eighty Great Disciples and Special Monks Such as Suttantika and Veayika


In the Buddha’s time itself there were some strategies to preserve the teachings of the Buddha for future. The µahAparinibbAnasutta of DN records one incidence where the evil one (mara) requests the Buddha to pass away. In response the Buddha says that He will not and his life until his four- fold communities are well developed, well taught and become able to teach the Dhammas to others. The disciples are to be well developed with these qualities are

1.  Vyatto = erudite
2.  VinIto = restraint
3.  VisArado = expert
4.  Bahussuto = learned
5.  ∂hammandharo = Bear or of the doctrine
6.   DhammAnudhammapaTipanno = One who lives adoring to dhamma
7.  ßamicipaTipanno = One who lives in pleasant way
8.  ∂hammanucari = One who acts awarding to the dhamma.

This declaration of the Buddha clearly shows that how He was concerned about the discipline of monks and also the well being of the dhamma.

According to the Etadaggapali of the AN the Buddha appointed skillful disciples as the foremost of some areas of special skill. Such appointments were made in order to straighten the well being of the doctrine and the discipline

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