Monday, 28 March 2011

Savaka upasaka


1.  †apassu &Bhaluka – the first two devotees to take the refuge of the Buddha and dhamma only
2.   Sudatta – the first among donors
3.   Hattaka Ālavaka – the first among those threat the community with four factors of hospitality
4.  µahAnAma – the first among the donors of tasty foods
5.   Ugga – the first among donors of what is wished by the community
6.   Uggaha – the first among attendance to the community
7.  ßUra åmbaTTha – the first among those with unshaken faith
8.   JIvaka – the first among those most pleasant persons
9.   Nakulapita – the first among those truth worthy
10. Ciita – the first among preacher of doctrine

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