Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sutta pitaka


The Sutta piTaka is a collection of all the discourses preached by the Buddha during his forty five missionary services for the welfare, benefit, happiness of many beings and a few were by his followers. The discourses which were compiled into one form named ßutta piTaka. They were not preached only in one place or people of one caste but they were expounded without discriminating any caste, sex, creed, being etc.

      The ßutta piTaka brings out the meaning of the Buddha’s teachings, expresses them clearly, protects and guards them against distortion and misconstruction. The discourses as they were different in their size, theme, length, section etc. grouped into different books in according to their length mainly. At first all long discourses were grouped under ∂IghanikAya, the middle in length was in µijjhimanikAya and the remainings were first grouped according to their sections called saMyutta and put into ßaMyuttanikAya while the last was in KhuddakanikAya. Whole total the discourses were classified into five nikAya or books.

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