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Origin & Evolution of Society


The Aggann asutta of the IghanikAya explains the evolution process of human society on earth after a long time has passed from its dissolution.  In sensual sphere the physical aspect of being is very significant. With the passing of time due to many reasons it change is its shape and quality. According to åggaJJasutta, in the evolution world beings are coming from åbhassara brahma world (Radiant super human being brahmans). “ßamvaTTamAne loke yebhuyyena sattA Abbhassara saMvaTTanikA honti.

ßaMvaTTamAne –dissolving
VivATTamAne – evolving

In this existence there is no rough physical body. It is a subtle body fed on rapture self-illuminating and traveling in the sky, the being in this state for a long time.

The being again in the time of evolving (vivaTTamAne) dies from that brahma world and comes to the life on the earth. They even on earth live fed on rapture (pItibhakkhA), self-illuminating (sayaMpabhA) and traveling in sky (antalikkhacarA) because they do not have yet a physical body they see or experience planets and the sun, moon, starts etc. those beings like heavenly beings who do not possess physical experience sun and moon. It is said in the CUlasakuludAyisutta of MN as follows.

åtho kho te UdAyi bahUhi bahutarA, devA ye imesaM candimasuriyAnaM AbhA nAnubhonti, tyAhaM jAnAmi

=Then, O UdAyi! The majority of human beings do not experience the light of sun and moon. I know them.
The first being on earth also does not know day and night, months, seasons and years etc. They did not know femininity and masculinity. They were also because their physicality was not well-matured. Without a proper physical body being can not experience physical sense in full. With the development of body only you get senses and sense-experiences. With the usage of physical food their bodies’ comical systems change gradually.  As the result various physical developments came to existence. According to the story the surface of earth was of pleasant colour, smell and taste. One being whose greed developed slightly one day tasted the rasapaThavi. Even unit now what human beings take as produced by earth. With this change those subtle bodies changed to be rough. As a result self-luminance disappeared. With the development of physical body became rough and other worldly changes and phenomena such as femininity and masculinity, sun, moon and stars, identified. As happening gradually those beings from radiant world transformed to be the being of sensual sphere. Be with body being rough some were fair, some others were dark. Due to their colour distinction the fair ones discriminated the dark ones. Thus pride came to their mind. At this stage the tasty earth disappeared and earth mushroom. Some interpret the first beginning of flora. Then beings look that for food. When it disappeared a king of creeper there appeared called badAlatA. When it disappeared there came to be self grown paddy (sayaM jAtasalli). For this change it took a long period of time. Then at this time beings had got used to their sexual life. But some in the society at the beginning disliked it. Those who behaved sexually, then to cover sexual activity homes were built. 
At the beginning the paddy was commonly used. Nobody hoarded them personally. But with the change of time food hoarding appeared and it followed by demarcation of personal boundaries of paddy fields. But with the change of time food hoarding appeared and it followed by demarcation of personal boundaries of paddy fields. Thus, personal property system came into existence.

YannUna mayaM sAliM vibhajeyyAma, mariyAdaM ThapeyyamAti sattA sAliM vibhajimsu mariyAdaM ThapesuM

=How if we would divide paddy, wood-keep fence, beings divided paddy and they kept fences.
After this division of resources some stared stealing from others keeping his own part protected (aJJataro satto llolayAtiko sakaM bhAgaM AdiyitvA paribhJi). This is the beginning of thief. It was followed by punishment insult and telling lie. When the human weakness was developed in harmful way they appointed, a person who could punish wrong doer because he was elected by participation of all. He was called the Great elector (mahAsammat).
The åggaJJasutta was preached the claim that Brahmins are the highest in the society to be false historically. The four castes appear on behavioural matters as practiced by four castes. This proves that there is no a historical or factual basing for the Vedic concept of castes system.
The term khattiya emerge from the meaning he is the lord of paddy field (khattAnaM adhipatIti khattiyo), Brahmins were named so for they give up evil way of behaviour (pApaM bAhentIti brahmanA). The usage viisya came into use for they engage in various occupation (visuM kamme niyuttA vessA) and the ßUdras were called so g for they have low and rough behavour (khuddhAcArA luddhAcArAti suddA).     

Lectured on 28.11.2005
1.   “pApake akusale dhamme bAhentIti kho VAsaTTha brahmaNo brahmaNotveva paThamaM akkharaM upanibbattaM
=By the fact that some give up evil unwholesome factors the first dissignation arose as the teacher, noble one (brahmana)
2.   “khettAnaM adhipatIti kho VAsTTha khattiyo khattiyotveva dutiyaM akkharaM upanibbattaM
=By the fat that some is the lord of the field the second usage (dissignation or name) arose as the lord of field (khattiyo) warrior.
3.   methunaM dhammaM samAdAya visuM kamme payojentIti kho VAseTTha vessAtveva akkharaM upanibbattaM
=By the fact that some having entered married life engage in various occupations the third designation arose as appraisement (vessa).
4.   khuddAcArA luddAcArAti kho VAseTTha suddA suddatveva akkharaM upanibbattaM
=By the fat that some live with rough or low forms of behaviour the designation occurred as slave (suddA), worker.
In the similar manner the designation ®AjA arose by the fact that the ruler deals with others by righteous life.
∂hammena pare raJjetIti kho VAseTTha rAjA rAjAtveva akkharaM upanibbattaM
According to the information in the åggaJJasutta the society of human beings  evolved through a long period of time being influence by many cause that were physical, biological, psychological and ethical. Many changes arose due to this cause. Families, societies, the ways of production consumption governmental organization the judicial system and kingship evolved not due to one such as given above. This is an explanation of the creation and causeless theory but based on evolution theory. So it is presented in the scientific out look.

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