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The fourth book of VinayapiTaka, the CullavaggapAli also continues to deals with more rules and procedures for institutional acts known as ßaGghakamma. There are twelve sections in CullavaggapAli dealing with the rules for offences like ßaGghadisesa that come before the ßaGgha such as ParivAra, µanatta and rules for reinstatement of a Bhikkhu. Some of the important enactments in CullavaggapAli are concerned with formal act of rebuke (tajjaniyakamma) by the order taken against those Bhikkhus who cause quarrelling, conflict, disputes and who speaks dispraise of the Buddha, Dhamma and ßaGgha. Formal act of Suspension (ukkhepaniyakamma) to be taken against those who have committed offences and do not admit those offences. The PAkasanīyakamma taken against ∂evadatta announcing publicly that “Whatever devadatta does by deed or words, should be seen as devadattas own and has nothing to do with the Buddha, Dhamma and ßaGgha.” The account of this action is followed by the story of devadattas three attempts on the Buddha’s life and the schism (saGghabheda) caused by devadatta among the ßaGgha. The twelve rules are namely: -
1.  Kammakkhandhaka
2.  Parivārasikakkhandhaka
3.  ßamuccayakkhandhaka
4.  ßamathakkhandhaka
5.  Kuddhakvatthukkhandhaka
6.  ßenAkkhandhaka
7.  ßaGghabhedakkhandhaka
8.  Vattakkhandha
9.  PAtimokkhathapanakkhandhaka
10. Bhikkhunikkhandhaka
11. PaJcasatakakkhandhaka
12. ßattasatikkhandhaka        

       In section ten of CullavaggapAli, tells the story of µahApajapati requested from the Buddha to enter the order and how the Buddha refused after requesting thrice. But at last when Ven. Ānanda requested on behalf of µahApajapati the Buddha gave her and other women to enter the order. The last two sections explain two important things, namely the holding of the first teaching at Rājagaha and of the second teaching at Vesali.

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