Thursday, 31 March 2011



This division contains ten important suttas of tipiTaka, dealing with historical, biographical aspects as well as the doctrinal aspects of Buddhism. Some suttas from the ten are very famous discourses such as µahAparinibbAnasutta, µahApadanasutta, µahAnidānasutta and µahAsatipatthanasutta. The discourses in this vagga are as follows
          1. µahApadanasutta –The discourse on the lineage
          2. µahAnidAnasutta –The discourse on the Origination
          3. µahAparinibbAnasutta –The discourse on the Buddha’s Demise
          4. µahAsudassanasutta –The discourse on the great splendor
          5. Janavasabhasutta –The discourse on Janavasabha
          6. µahAgovindasutta –The discourse on great steward
          7. µahAsamayasutta –The discourse on mighty gathering
          8. ßakkapaJhasutta –The discourse on Sakka’s questions
9. µahAsatipatthanasutta – The greater discourse on the foundation    Mindfulness
         10. PayAsisutta – The discourse on Payāsi

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