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This division contains thirteen suttas dealing extensively with various types of morality which were practiced by samanas and brAhmaNas who were contemporary to the Buddha. It also deals with the Brahmin views of sacrifice and various religious practices such as Self-mortification (åttakilamatanuyoga) and self mortification (KAmasukhalikanuyoga). Among the thirteen discourses the first two are very important to know about contemporary religious teachings of the Buddha. The thirteen suttas are namely:
 1. Brahmajalasutta – The discourse on the net of the perfect wisdom
2. ßAmaJJaphalasutta –The Discourse on the fruition of a samana
3. åmbatthasutta –The discourse on Ambattha
4. ßoNadandasutta –The discourse on Sondanda
          5. KUTadantasutta –The discourse on Kutadanta
          6. µahAlisutta –The discourse on Mahāli
          7. JAliyasutta –The discourse on Jāliya   
          8. µahAsihAnadasutta –The discourse on great lion’s roar
          9. PoTTapAdasutta –The discourse on PoTTapAda                          
          10. ßubhasutta –The discourse on Subha
          11. Kevattasutta –The discourse on Kevatta
          12. Lohiccasutta –The discourse on Lohicca         
          13. Tevijjasutta –The discourse on Threefold Knowledge

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