Thursday, 31 March 2011

Religious Philosophical and Cultural Tenets in Religions and Philosophies Contemporary to Buddha


Any religion, philosophy and science does the job explaining the nature and function of human being, being and of the world around them. For these purpose different religions, philosophies and disciplines have come into existence in the history of humanity.
The Buddha’s society, in particular, is well known for its origin of many religions and philosophies which maintain their own specific theories on the nature and function of life of beings and the world. The classic literary example found in the Tipitaka is the Brahmajalasutta of the ∂IghanikAya. This sutta explains in considerable detail the fundamentals of those religions and philosophies.
The atmosphere is unique regarding the religions philosophical interest the entire human society. In true sense, it was the world of religions, each man and woman accepted and practiced some of religions. And their aims and objectives life were centered around religious ideals.  In every nook and corner there were places, people and edifices of worship. It was  as rounded in canonical literature empty prove that the society in which the Buddhism was born was a religious minded disciplined centered society with a strong spiritual sensibility.

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