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This division is made up of eleven discourses shorter than others in this. They deal with the Buddha’s rejection and severe asceticism practiced by followers of many sects and the account of Universal Monarch and thirty-two great characteristic of great man. The last two discourses preached by Ven. Sāriputta contain lists of doctrinal term classified according to subject matter and numerical units. The eleven discourses in this Vagga are namely

1. PAthikasutta –The discourse on Pāthika 
2. üdumbArikasIhanAdasutta – The great lion’s roar to the Udumbarikans
3.   CakkavattisihanAdasutta –The discourse on the lion’s roar on      the turning of the wheel
4. åggaJJasutta –The discourse on the knowledge of beginnings
5.  ßampasadAniyasutta –The discourse on serene faith
6.  PAsadikasutta –The discourse on the delight discourse
7.   Lakkhanasutta –The discourse on the marks of a great man
8.  ßigAlasutta –The discourse to Sigāla
9.   ĀtAnAtiyasutta – The discourse on the Ātanata protective verses
10. ßaGgītisutta –The discourse on chanting together
11. ∂asuttarasutta –The discourse on spending decades

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